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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo leads a coalition of states that will work together to get out of quarantine

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, which in recent weeks raised its profile at the national level for its management against the coronavirus crisis in the state it administers, announced on Monday the formation of a coalition with its counterparts from six other states that will aim to organize a coordinated regional effort to start getting out of quarantine. The other states in question are New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Delaware.

“We began to look at the way to reopen society. But with a plan, because if we do it wrong, the results can be terrible, “Cuomo explained at a press conference. The key, he said, is coordinate efforts intelligently.

Officials from these six states promised to put together a plan and share information about the results, in order to make decisions based on those data. They clarified that this did not imply acting in absolute harmony or making decisions that applied to everyone, but stressed the value of regional cooperation.

The leaders did not give specific times about when they plan to reactivate society, which has been without commercial or educational activity for a month, but they clarified that it is a matter of weeks. Three other states on the west coast – California, Oregon and Washington – made a similar announcement.

Cuomo promised that any decision will be made taking into account the opinion of medical epidemiologists. Each state will appoint a health officer and an economic officer who, together with their peers from the other states, will lead this coalition. The Governor of Connecticut, Ned lamontHe explained that due to the dynamics of the three states (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut), where thousands of people change from one state to the other on a daily basis – mostly because they live in one place and work in the other-, it is essential to have a unified protocol that simplifies the lives of people on the go. The trains linking these three states have been considered a breeding ground for COVID 19. Without specifying how they will do it, the Governors recognized that they must find a way to assure people that moving from one place to another has once again been safe.

A difficult task is to provide security to the population in such an affected region. Today, New York has exceeded 10,000 deaths as a result of the coronavirus and has more than 190,000 positive cases. New Jersey is close to reaching 62,000 infected and Connecticut has reported more than 12,000 transmissions. In Pennsylvania there are more than 23 thousand infected; the small State of Rhode Island reported more than 2,600 cases and Delaware 1,625. True, the curve would start to flatten out, but the numbers are still massive.

Although the priority so far has been health, it is an undeniable reality that several weeks of isolation have passed and the economic situation of thousands of residents is truly pressing. Perhaps that is why the Governors felt pressure to give this press conference in which there were no specifications but where for the first time there was serious talk of the reopening of an important region of the country.

For days the reopening of the country’s economy has been the prevailing theme. From various sectors flirt with the idea, but until today there were no formal statements. In fact in the morning hours, the President Donald trump He had said that it is their decision – and not that of the Governors – if it is time to reopen the economy. His words generated wide debate between lawyers who believe he is right and others who indicate that the law gives authority to local rulers. In any case, the President stated that he was working on several reopening projects with Governors, although in the announcement of the representatives of the powerful northeast of the country. No one mentioned Trump as an ally of the project.

In fact, Tom Wolf, the Governor of Pennsylvania, said in what appeared to be a veiled message to the President that “Considering that we had the responsibility to close the state, I think we will have the primary responsibility to open it.”

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