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New York mice are carriers of new viruses and superbugs

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New York mice are carriers of new viruses and superbugs
New York mice are carriers of new viruses and superbugs

New York, 04/20/1988 (The People Online) – The evaluation lasted more than a year, and the results indicate that many home mice carry with them viruses and bacteria that could put people’s lives at risk. Some of those microorganisms, even, are resistant to antibiotics, reports CNN.

The study was done after Professor W Lan Lipkin of Columbia University and his colleagues collected 416 mice from New York’s residential buildings. Most were captured near garbage dumps, but a few were found in food preparation and storage areas, and only one in a private apartment.

The experts analyzed evidence of mouse excrement and defined 149 different species of bacteria, among which were the cause of various intestinal discomforts such as shigella, C. difficile, E. coli and salmonella which, incidentally, affects 1, 2 million people in the United States each year, and 450 deaths.

The evaluation of the excrements also led to the identification of 36 different viruses, among which there were 6 new ones that, although they do not affect humans, their genetic sequences coincide with viruses that do affect animals that usually have contact with people. , like dogs, chickens and pigs.

But even though rats, because of their size and more aggressive behavior, can cause greater repulsion in people, it is house mice that are truly problematic because they live indoors and are more likely to be them, and not rats, that contaminate the environment of people.

Dr. Peter Daszak, leader of the EcoHealth alliance, said that doing this study in New York is very important, since the city is one of the favorite destinations for many people around the world, adds The New York Times.

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