New York State Sues Dunkin 'Over Hacking Incidents


The attorney in New York is suing in general

Dunkin Brands'

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not to notify almost 20,000 customers who are alleged to have been damaged in the coffee website and mobile app in 2015.

Dunkin was aware of a series of online attacks on customer accounts as early as May 2015 but did not investigate them properly although they received alerts from the company's app developer, Attorney General Letitia James said in law on Thursday. The lawsuit also causes a 2018 attack to expose, and argues that the company played the incident that was suffering.

Dunkin said Thursday that he had not informed customers about the 2015 event because the customer database did not contain payment details and the hackers were unsuccessful in accessing it. The company said it will challenge the solicitor's claims in court.

The general solicitor said that the accounts under attack were linked to the value of the company, or to LL, with cards, from which thousands of dollars were stolen in 2015. She said that Dunkin was not asking for value cards belonging to him. the freezing accounts. The company said it did not believe there was any money stolen.

The accounts that were compromised could be investigated, the information being received and whether there were stolen customer funds, according to the law filed with the State Court of New York State.

“Dunkin” failed to protect the security of its customers, ”said Ms. James. “Instead of letting them know the ten thousands of cyber security influences, Dunkin sat lightly, putting customers at risk.” T

At the end of 2018, a seller informed Dunkin ag that a series of attacks resulted in unauthorized access to more than 300,000 customer accounts. The company alerted the affected customers to the attacks, but said they were successful, the law said.

“These claims are unfounded at the Office of the Attorney General of New York, the spokesperson“ Dunkin ”, Karen Raskopf, said in a statement.

“For more than two years, we have co-operated fully with the AG's investigation on this subject, and we are surprised and disappointed that they chose to move forward on this issue because of the lack of merit in their case.”

The solicitor's office said he is looking for civil penalties for Dunkin and that the company pays damages to consumers. At least 2,200 of the hacked accounts in 2015 related to New York residents, the law said, taking the results with CorFire, Dunkin app developer.

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