New Zealand Holds Voting for Cannabis Distribution and Euthanasia Page all – On Saturday (17/10/2020), the people New Zealand will follow the voting to determine the legalization of two big issues, namely usage ganja for recreational purposes and euthanasia.

Reported AP, Friday (16/10/2020), from the results polling that has been done, legalization of euthanasia is likely to be approved, while legalization ganja recreation is still dubious.

Euthanasia is the practice of taking a human life in a painless manner, usually using a lethal injection.

If this legislation is passed, people with a terminal illness who only have a life expectancy of six months, and those suffering from a “painful” disease will be allowed to end their life.

Some countries that have legalized it euthanasia among others, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Canada, Belgium and Colombia.

Meanwhile, legalizing recreational marijuana would allow people to buy a maximum of 14 grams of cannabis per day and grow a maximum of two crops themselves.

Several countries that have legalized recreational marijuana include Canada, South Africa, Uruguay, Georgia, and several states in the United States.

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Legalization of marijuana is still difficult

University of Auckland lecturer in political science, Lara Greaves, said that legalizing recreational marijuana will fail.

“I think the problem lies in changing from something criminal in nature to being completely legal. I think what the public needs to agree on that is a decriminalization phase, like allowing it for medical use first,” said Greaves.

He said, the main factor determining the legalization of marijuana was a young voter group. But so far, that factor is still uncertain.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister New Zealand Jacinda Ardern refused to make public her choice. Ardern wants the decision to be in the hands of the people.

According to Greaves, Ardern’s direct statement would make a significant difference, because people tend to follow what their leader is doing.

Earlier, in a campaign, Ardern admitted smoking marijuana when he was young.

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Pros and cons of legalizing marijuana

One of the outspoken proponents of legalizing marijuana is the former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark.

An official statement from the foundation stated that the Maori, a native of New Zealand, have faced disproportionate and excessive punishment from the legal system when exposed to drug cases.

“Cannabis use is a reality in New Zealand, and the results of current legal policy approaches are damaging our health, exacerbating social justice and encouraging crime,” the Clark foundation said.

Meanwhile, those who oppose the legalization of marijuana consist of a number of communities and religious groups that have formed the “Say Nope to Dope” campaign.

Ganja rated today to have powerful, addictive, and dangerous effects. They assumed that by making marijuana illegal, people would not use it.

On the other hand, if the euthanasia legislation is approved, then the decision will immediately become law.

However, if marijuana legalization is approved, then the decision will still wait for lawmakers to pass the appropriate law.

The results of both votes will be announced on October 30, 2020.

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