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News and rumors about the coaching carousel of the NFL: After being fired by the Packers, will the Browns get Mike McCarthy?

Mike McCarthy may not be unemployed for a long time. (Jeffrey Phelps / Associated Press)

We have reached the limits of the NFL regular season, which means that the time has come for some teams to separate from their coaches. Here is an overview of the franchises that have openings and those that could become soon.



Fired: Mike McCarthy on December 2nd.

Despite a generational talent at Aaron Rodgers' quarterback position, the Packers only played 4-10-1 in their last 15 games last season and 18-18-1 in the last 37 Rodgers dating. of Christmas Day 2015. The final straw came Sunday in a loss of apathetic 24-17 at home to the Cardinals. Shortly after, the team sacked McCarthy, who is more or less the only NFL head coach in the NLF (Mike Sherman was in his final year as team coach when Green Bay had repulsed Rogers in 2005, but he only started 16 assists, save Brett Favre as a rookie).

It will be very interesting to see where this coaching research is going, although the Packers seem certain to be concentrating their efforts on an offensive coach who will be able to make the most of Rodgers at the end of his career (he had 35 years old Sunday). . Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper outlined some possibilities on Sunday:

– Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is likely to land another head coach position, even after his terrible stint in Denver and even after burning the Colts in the final off season.

– Rams head coach Zac Taylor, who is only seven months older than Rodgers, is considered one of the emerging young minds in the ranks of the NFL assistants.

– The coach of Oklahoma, Lincoln Riley, who is only three months older than Rodgers, is the mastermind of the offense at the head of the NCAA.

– Brian Daboll, Offensive Bill Coordinator: He has been assistant to Bill Belichick and Nick Saban, which should count for a lot.

– North West coach Pat Fitzgerald, who is not an offensive player but has done a lot with a bit of Evanston. In addition, Packers President Mark Murphy was Northwestern's athletic director when Fitzgerald was hired in 2006. Silverstein says that the fact that Green Bay is in contact with him is a "lock".

– The two Harbaugh brothers, Ravens coach John Harbaugh and Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh.

– Stanford coach David Shaw, who has an excellent reputation but has never shown much interest in becoming an NFL head coach.


Fired: Hue Jackson on October 29th.

Jackson has only won three games in two and a half seasons with Cleveland. His shot was not a surprise. On Monday, Peter King hinted that the Browns could replace McCarthy, now available, who spent some time with Cleveland General Manager John Dorsey in Green Bay (the latter was the Packers chief scout and manager player staff from 2000 to 2012). King described their relationship "not tight, but they are friends."

Former Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, 66, also said he was interested in a return on the sidelines, but only as coach of the Browns, where he had been offensive coordinator in 2001 to 2003. Arians was until then to keep Freddie Kitchens as offensive coordinator of Cleveland (he coached the Arizona under Arians) and would consider keeping Gregg Williams as defensive coordinator.

Riley was also mentioned as part of the Browns' post – he would find the former quarterback of Sooners Baker Mayfield – but Mary Kay Cabot of says that after talking to people who know him well Riley, she thinks "stay serious in Oklahoma and not interested in jumping to the NFL right now. "

On the hot seat?

Marvin Lewis, Bengals: It was thought that Lewis had signed a two-year contract extension this season, but Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported Sunday that the deal was actually a one-year contract with a full-year option. team for 2019, which means that Cincinnati may cut Lewis short after this season financial considerations. The Bengals started the season 4-1, but lost six of their seven goals due to a number of factors, including injuries. This could be the year Cincinnati finally leaves Lewis, with Rapoport suggesting he could move to the team's office.

Todd Bowles, Jets: New York was gagged Sunday against the Titans, turning a 16-0 lead into a 26-22 loss and shattering Bowles' chances of returning for a fifth season.

Steve Wilks, Cardinals: Arizona won Sunday in Green Bay to improve its score to 2-9, but Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports said the Cardinals were "thinking about major changes" with respect to their coach. first year. The Canfora suggests that Bowles could return to the desert, where he was defensive coordinator in 2013 and 2014.

Ron Rivera, Panthers: Carolina lost her fourth straight game Sunday to skew to 6-6 after a 6-2 start, and a qualifying for NFC cards appears to be a long shot (the Panthers still have to face the Saints two times). Canfora reports that Carolina's new owner, David Tepper, "is increasingly frustrated with the team's recent performance and is considering major changes if the results do not change quickly."

Monday, Carolina may have taken her first steps, baking Brady Hoke, coach of the defensive line, and Jeff Imamura, coach of the half-corners. Rivera will assume the defensive play duties of the team, Tom Pelissero of the NFL network reports.

Warming up of the seats?

Dirk Koetter, Bucs: Tampa Bay is 4-7, but has won two straight, and its critically-criticized defense has dropped 17 points or less in three of its last four games. The Bucs' problems are deep – it will take a decision on Jameis Winston after the season and there is no game to run for the least – and Koetter is only 19-25 in two seasons or more, but is it enough to make a move?

Mike Zimmer, Vikings: Minnesota have won this season against the 49ers, Eagles, Cardinals, Jets, Lions and Packers. Of these teams, Philadelphia is the only one to have a lot of chances in the playoffs, and it's not even a great chance. The Vikings lost to the Bills, Rams, Saints, Bears and Patriots, with the last four each going to the playoffs. Minnesota beat the wrong teams and lost the right teams, which was not what it wanted to win last year's success (without Kirk Cousins, notice).


Doug Marrone, Jaguars: Jacksonville was a quarter after defeating the Patriots and qualifying for the Super Bowl last season, but dropped to ground in 2018. Nevertheless, Rapoport said Sunday that Marrone's job was safe for a year.

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