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news, challenges … Everything you need to know about Chapter 2

14:10 – The challenge map “Trading at the docks”

This week, the challenges available go hand in hand, since the set of challenges is part of the Nightmare event. But another set of challenges is available today. This set of challenges is quite large and varied. Without further ado, find below the map of the various places where to carry out your challenges “Trading at the docks”.

12:38 – The forced cross-platform continues to disturb

Cross-platform matchmaking on Fortnite has been integrated a few months ago now. This matchmaking allows all players to meet according to their performance, regardless of their gaming platform. But still, there is a disadvantage, because the best console players quickly find themselves facing PC players, and they suffer . Because the PC has always been more efficient for the FPS, despite the aiming correction built into the console. With this forced cross-platform matchmaking, console players begin to tire of the game, as unbalanced as possible when facing PC players.

11:03 – The map of the challenges of the nightmare event

Several challenges were released during the launch of the nightmare event during Chapter 2 of Fortnite. These challenges are quite diverse, asking you to use a hiding place, destroy furniture, visit places or simply defeat the bump of the island. The latter is also located in the center of the island and will offer you an umbrella if you manage to defeat it.

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