News from Friesland from 3 March | Corona outbreak at Jumbo in Grou and robbers of elderly woman Drachten go to jail

At the Jumbo in Grou, several employees have recently become infected with the corona virus. And three men who assaulted an elderly woman in her home in Drachten in October 2019, have to go to jail for 2.5 years. All that and more in our summary of the most important news from the past 24 hours.

The relevant employees of the Jumbo in Grou are in home quarantine, a spokesman for Jumbo reports. The supermarket cannot say at the moment how many employees are involved, but various sources report that it is several dozen infections is going. “All other employees are urged to stay at home in case of complaints,” said the Jumbo spokesperson.

The Jumbo in question has recently been completely renewed, the new supermarket was opened on Wednesday last week. The flow of infections seems to have started during the refurbishment of the store, GGD spokesperson Marcel de Jong notes. Photos of the preparations for the opening show that employees without masks work less than a meter and a half apart.

Robbers, an elderly woman in Drachten, jailed for 2.5 years

Three men who assaulted an elderly woman in her home in Drachten in October 2019 have to go to jail for 2.5 years. Their minor companion was imposed 1 year of conditional juvenile detention with a probationary period of 2 years by the court in Leeuwarden on Wednesday afternoon.

A 19-year-old resident of Gerkesklooster had through his stepmother, who had cleaned the then 93-year-old woman, that there was a safe under the woman’s bed. With a now 21-year-old Drachtster, a 20-year-old man without a permanent place of residence or residence and an 18-year-old Drachtster he decided to hold up.

Quarter of Puccini State residents in Wolvega died

The number of deceased residents of Puccini State care farm in Wolvega has gone up to five . This is reported by spokesman Matthijs Bergsma of Zorggroep Alliade. He calls the outbreak “extremely sad”. It was previously known that almost all residents (18 out of 20) had tested positive for the corona virus. These residents have been transferred to the Covid house in Anna Schotanus in Heerenveen. Five residents have already died here.

13 of the 23 staff members also tested positive. As a result, employees from other institutions now offer help. Two residents had tested negative and stayed behind in Wolvega. It is expected that some residents will be able to return to the care farm from Heerenveen in the short term.

Douwe Bob’s boat collides with a cargo ship on the Waddenzee

The boat of singer Douwe Bob, called Ellen, collided with a 135-meter-long freighter on the Wadden Sea between Harlingen and Kornwerderzand on Wednesday morning. In the dense fog, the police and the KNRM pulled out with several ships to provide assistance. Douwe Bob’s ship is now in Harlingen, the freighter could continue sailing.

In the harbor of Harlingen, agents have entered into a conversation with those present on the boat. Douwe bob is said to be talking to the police on a police boat. As far as is known, no one was injured during the incident.

Court in summary proceedings leaves grim battle for taxi passengers at Leeuwarder station undecided

In their battle for passengers stepped at the Leeuwarder train station three taxi companies to court in Leeuwarden. They know all their demands.

The largest party, Jelle Kooistra of Taxi Jelle, brought preliminary relief proceedings against two competitors, father and son Massri. Using the trade names TaxiStation Leeuwarden, Taxi Station Leeuwarden and Elektric Vervoer Leeuwarden, these Leeuwarden taxi drivers would unlawfully shoot among Kooistra’s pigeons.

SC Heerenveen to the final?

SC Heerenveen takes on Ajax tonight at 9 p.m. in the semifinal of the KNVB cup tournament. Siem de Jong and Lasse Schöne have a history with the team from Amsterdam, but the experienced duo is determined: tonight history must be written with SC Heerenveen. “We want to go to that final.” The game can be followed live from 9 p.m. in a live blog on this site.

And further in the news:

* The bridge operation in the village center of Warten will remain the same for the time being. The village protested successfully against the plan for remote operation.

* Two mussel beds found in the Wadden Sea in 2018 are doing well. According to the researchers, this is important, because new mussel beds are vulnerable in the first five years and can disappear again. Wageningen Marine Research reports this .

* There is currently insufficient evidence that vitamin D helps prevent Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. This is certainly stated here and there .

* In order to better protect vulnerable groundbrothers such as wheatear, nightjar and tree and skylark, Staatsbosbeheer is extending the period during which restrictions apply to visitors to the Aekingerzand near Appelscha .

Editor’s Tip:

* Betty Hansma keeps a special piece of funerary heritage at home. The graft drum awaits – after a thorough restoration – replacement in the cemetery of Beetsterzwaag. “What is it moai?”

* Finally! Relaxations. From today (Wednesday) you can go to the hairdresser, beautician or pedicure again and shop by appointment. You can find an overview of what is possible here.

* The ‘aaisikerstiid’ begins. In the coming period, a maximum of nineteen finders of the first eggs will be rewarded in Friesland. They must comply with a set of rules of the BFVW (Bond Friese Vogelwachten). Five questions and answers.

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