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News from Germany: car records two pedestrians

Note: You can find the latest news about the Corona virus in Germany here.

Hamburg: car detects two pedestrians

In Hamburg on Tuesday evening a driver ran into several pedestrians. The driver was “apparently” drunk, as a spokeswoman for the police center in Hamburg said on Tuesday evening. The car came off the street in Hamburg-Altona in the evening, hurled against a set of traffic lights and hit the man and woman. An emergency doctor at the accident site spoke of life-threatening injuries in both.

Another pedestrian had been slightly injured by flying debris, the driver of the car had suffered a shock. All four were brought to the hospital. The car may also have driven too fast, this is the subject of an investigation. No further details were initially available.

Source: DPA

North Rhine-Westphalia: Attorney General takes action against Islamist terrorist cell

The federal prosecutor had arrested four Islamist suspects from Tajikistan in North Rhine-Westphalia on Wednesday morning. She and a fifth man already in custody are said to have planned attacks in Germany on behalf of the terrorist organization Islamic State, as the German Press Agency in Karlsruhe learned. RTL and “Der Spiegel” reported first.

Source: DPA

Olpe: Major fire in sawmill

A fire broke out in a sawmill in Olpe in North Rhine-Westphalia on Wednesday night. The fire department reported that the emergency services were alerted at around 2.20 p.m. Since a large part of the plant was already blazing, neighboring rescue workers had to be called for help. Around 150 emergency services are currently on site. Why the fire broke out is still unclear.

Large fire in sawmill in Olpe

A sawmill is on fire in Olpe

Source: Firefighters Olpe

Rostock: Aviation bomb in overseas port to be blown up

A found 100 kilogram bomb from the Second World War is to be blown up in a controlled manner in Rostock’s Überseehafen on Wednesday. As reported by the NDR, the explosion should take place between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The “GP 100” type of explosive device would be at a water depth of 4.50 meters. Since the detonator cannot be removed due to the condition of the bomb, a diver should first attach the explosive charge to the bomb and later detonate the bomb by remote ignition. A security area with a radius of 500 meters is being set up around the site, but people do not have to leave their homes. Only the shipping traffic is at rest during the action.

Source: “NDR”

News from Tuesday, April 13th

Wesel: Video shows wolf attack on deer?

A cell phone video that was supposedly recorded on Holy Saturday in Hünxe in the Wesel district on the Lower Rhine in North Rhine-Westphalia could show two wolves chasing a deer together. As the WDR reports, the State Environment Agency is currently reviewing the video. Previously, the excerpt was circulating on Facebook. In fact, a wolf has been known and confirmed in the Wesel district for a long time. You could have got company. However, reviewing the film may take some time. Experts check whether they are actually wolves, try to find the creators and identify the exact location of the picture. A forester interviewed by the WDR and the “Rheinische Post” would certainly have shown that there are two wolves and one of the animals is the domestic wolf Gloria.

Sources: WDR, “RP Online

Rostock: Tourists get stuck in the sand on the beach

What started as a romantic short trip is likely to become a costly affair for a couple from Berlin. The two drove their car to Rostock-Warnemünde and directly onto the beach on Sunday morning. According to the NDR, referring to the police, the 30-year-old and his partner, who were three years younger, apparently wanted to admire the sunrise and then drive away before the first police check came by. However, when the officers actually came around 7:00 a.m., they still found the couple. They had got stuck in loose sand with their SUV. A tow truck called also got stuck, another finally pulled both the truck and the vacationers out of the sand. Photos of the campaign are circulating on Facebook:

Now it could be expensive for the day trippers: Because of their entry into Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, a complaint was filed for a violation of the Infection Protection Act. According to the report, the possible fine can range from 150 to 2,000 euros. They also have to pay for the use of both tow trucks.

Source: NDR

Saalfeld: Woman burns food and goes to bed drunk

With 1.76 per mille: A woman triggered a fire service in Tanna near Saalfeld by forgetting her food on the stove and going to bed drunk. The fire brigade was alerted to the development of smoke and the triggering of the smoke detector. The 39-year-old had noticed none of this until the emergency services stood in front of her bed and woke them up. An alcohol test showed a value of 1.76 per thousand. With the help of the fire brigade, worse things could be prevented except for burnt food.

Source: Police in Saalfeld

Berlin: Youth keeper of fishing association in court for child abuse

In a caravan, on a boat and in the bed house of a fishing club in Berlin, a volunteer youth guard is said to have sexually abused boys entrusted to him. The trial of the 50-year-old at the regional court in the capital began on Tuesday. The accused is accused of more than 350 cases of child abuse between summer 2012 and October 2019. The 50-year-old, who has been in custody since November 2019, remained silent on the first day of the trial. The defense lawyer announced a written statement at a later date by the alleged perpetrator.

According to the public prosecutor, the accused has repeatedly committed seven boys, some of them by force. The youngest victim was six years old when the abuse began. The long-time volunteer is said to have forced the children to engage in sexual acts among themselves. The German is also said to have produced thousands of child pornographic images. According to the court, those affected were interviewed by video, they do not have to appear in court themselves. Several of them are represented as co-plaintiffs by lawyers. The court rejected an application from the defense lawyer to stay the trial. The latter had argued that as a new lawyer in the proceedings, he had had too little time before trial preparation. In addition, talks with his client are currently only possible to a limited extent due to the corona crisis.

Source: DPA

Unna: Fine for a drunk man in a rabbit costume

A drunk man in a rabbit costume caused some unrest with a forbidden Easter fire in his own garden in Unna in North Rhine-Westphalia. The 64-year-old employed police officers and law enforcement officers twice a day with his private fire. When they visited the property owner for the first time on Saturday due to heavy smoke, the one in a rabbit outfit opened. With a basket in hand – but only filled with a brandy bottle. The son extinguished the fire, the police reported on Tuesday.

The forces moved out again three hours later – the Easter fire burned again. The 63-year-old was still wearing his rabbit costume, but the schnapps was no longer in the basket, the drunk man had meanwhile assumed to be “intimate”. Again it was the son who put out the flames. The wrong rabbit faces a fine.

Source: DPA

Landsberg am Lech: 26-year-old seriously injured in explosion of homemade pipe bomb

In Upper Bavaria, a 26-year-old was seriously injured in the explosion of a self-made pipe bomb. According to the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office (LKA) on Monday, the explosive device detonated on Easter Monday when the man was working on it in his workshop on a farm in the Landsberg am Lech district.

The 26-year-old seriously injured his upper body, face and arms, but was still able to call the emergency doctor himself. He came to a hospital. Explosives specialists from the LKA searched the property and the investigation was ongoing. It is currently still unclear why the man built a pipe bomb, it said. The authorities have so far had no evidence of political motivation. According to initial knowledge, the man had filled various powders into a pipe and sealed it with plaster. The explosion occurred when he clamped the explosive in a workshop in his workshop to drill a hole for the fuse.

Source: AFP

Castrop-Rauxel: Ducklings on the roundabout

In Castrop-Rauxel in NRW, six ducklings used the currently almost empty streets for a walk on Sunday. As the police report, the siblings waddled through a roundabout without parental supervision. A patrol directed the group to a parking lot and looked for the parents. Since these could not be found anywhere, the officers caught the chicks. “The chicks were then handed over to an expert animal helper who is now taking care of the little ducks,” the police report said.

News from Germany

The police picked up these six ducklings from the street

Source: Police headquarters in Recklinghausen

Wesel: Unknowns charge “fine” for lack of mouth protection

In Wesel in North Rhine-Westphalia, three fraudsters have claimed an alleged fine for a lack of mouth protection. According to the police, a local resident was able to observe how a previously unknown woman was addressed by the men and handed over 200 euros shortly afterwards. The three people are estimated between 20 and 25 years old. They were wearing yellow gloves and a face mask. “The police are now hoping that the dupe will still report to the police.”

Source: Police Wesel

Hamburg: 45-year-old man found dead in a green area

A 45-year-old man was found dead in a green area in Hamburg-Rothenburgsort. A witness discovered the lifeless person on Saturday afternoon and informed the police, as they said on Monday. According to the information, the man had stab wounds in the upper body. A murder commission investigated in the State Criminal Police Office. The man had been dead “for a long time”, it said. The body was handed over to the Institute of Forensic Medicine.

Source: DPA

Karlsruhe: Robber with mouth protection captivates the couple in their own apartment

A stranger tied up an elderly couple in their apartment in Karlsruhe, threatened them with a pistol and robbed them. According to initial investigations, the robber, who according to the police wore surgical masks, came to his victims’ apartment on the terrace on Sunday evening and tied them up with adhesive tape. According to police reports on Monday, he repeatedly aimed the gun at the 76-year-old woman and her 82-year-old husband.

For about an hour, the stranger, whose age is estimated to be in his early 20s, searched the home and damaged various items. With several hundred euros loot, he finally escaped on a mountain bike – leaving his victims tied up. The 82-year-old was later able to free himself independently. He and his wife reportedly suffered a shock, but were otherwise unharmed. Using a helicopter, among other things, the police initially unsuccessfully searched for the perpetrator.

Source: DPA

Monday, April 13 news

Gelsenkirchen: police dog ends brawl

In Gelsenkirchen (NRW), a police dog ended a brawl between four men and, through his appearance, also ensured that two officers were spared physical attacks on the opponents. According to a press release, witnesses were made aware of the clash of the four men between the ages of 22 and 51 in the hallway of an apartment building on Saturday. When two service dog handlers wanted to intervene, the quartet’s aggression was suddenly directed against the officials, it is said. The men are said to have tried to beat the police. These then threatened to use the service dog “Duke”.

Then this really had to take action. So “Duke” bit the 22-year-old main aggressor in the leg and injured him slightly – obviously this made an impression on the men, who are now all awaiting criminal proceedings. The 22-year-old was also detained by the officials.

Source: Police in Gelsenkirchen

Wuppertal: woman’s body found on the river

After finding a female body on Easter Sunday in Wuppertal in North Rhine-Westphalia, the investigators assume a violent crime. The 27-year-old was found around 20:00 in the evening with serious injuries to passers-by near the River Wupper, the police and prosecutor said on Monday. “Incoming rescue workers could only determine the death of the 27-year-old woman who was reported missing.”

A homicide commission has started work to determine the background and the course of the crime. The autopsy of the body was scheduled for Easter Monday. According to the message, the woman was missing. At night, a 43-year-old man from the victim’s area was arrested. The police are looking for witnesses who were close to the site at the time of the crime.

news germany - women's body wuppertal

Evidence officers work at the site of a woman’s body

Source: DPA

Frankfurt: Police sprinter tips over after collision

They wanted to rush to support the fire in several garbage cans and finally had to go to the hospital themselves: in Frankfurt am Main, a radio patrol car collided with the car of a 73-year-old on Easter Sunday and fell over at the intersection at an intersection, the police said on Monday . The Frankfurt police sprinter was on the way to Griesheim in Hesse in the late Sunday evening with a special signal and therefore ran over a red light. At the intersection, there was an accident with the woman who had driven over a green traffic light and apparently did not properly hear the police signal.

Three police officers were slightly injured in the accident, but were discharged after hospital treatment. The 73-year-old was also slightly injured. The damage to property in the collision is estimated at around 85,000 euros.

news germany

The damage to property in the collision is estimated at around 85,000 euros

Source: DPA

Berlin: Girl celebrates his 16th birthday with 31 guests

Despite an explicit ban on contact due to the corona crisis, a young person held a birthday party in Berlin-Mitte on Monday night. With 31 guests, she wanted to celebrate the age of 16, the police said on Twitter on Monday. The girl’s mother apparently even rented a 2.5-room apartment for the party at short notice.

The police broke up the party that night after receiving a clue, a police spokeswoman said when asked. The operation started at 1.45 a.m. – at this point the youngster should have already turned 16.

According to police, all 32 people are now being investigated for crimes and administrative offenses under the Infection Protection Act. The mother and the landlord also expect an investigation.

Source: DPA

Wittenberg: Two-year-old child drowns in a garden pond

A two-year-old child drowned in a garden pond of a family plot in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Relatives had pulled out the child who had fallen into the water, immediately tried to resuscitate and called the emergency service, as the Dessau-Roßlau police inspection announced on Sunday. The first rescue workers arrived after a few minutes and continued the resuscitation measures. In addition to the emergency services, the air rescue service and two emergency doctors were also deployed.

Despite intensive attempts at resuscitation, the child still died on site. To investigate the cause of death, the criminal service of the Wittenberg police station initiated an investigation. The investigation continued.

Source: AFP

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