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News from Germany: Pedestrians recorded on the highway and dragged along

A4: Callers report pedestrians on the highway – shortly afterwards they are dead

A pedestrian was hit on the A4 on Tuesday evening and was fatally injured. At around 9:00 p.m., the police reported that callers reported someone walking on the right lane between the Hermsdorfer Kreuz and Stadtroda junctions. When the police arrived, the man was already lying dead on the accelerating strip of the Teufelstal rest area in the direction of Frankfurt. A vehicle had caught the 33-year-old and dragged it several meters. The accident driver had fled. While searching for him, the officials discovered a small van on the A4 in the Erfurt West area with considerable front damage. They stopped the car and arrested the 33-year-old. The investigation into the course of the accident is ongoing.

Source: Police Thuringia

Neumünster: Wallpaper dispute gets 23-year-olds in trouble

A loud dispute with his girlfriend about wallpaper has caused a 23-year-old in Neumünster, Schleswig-Holstein, to experience greater difficulties. Officials of the Federal Police intervened on Wednesday, when the young couple at Neumünster station got so violent about the type of wall decoration of their future shared apartment that a physical conflict threatened.

As the federal police announced Flensburg, the officials asked the man and his partner to settle their dispute, which had been fought in the middle of a platform, and had their ID cards shown. It turned out that an arrest warrant had been issued against the 23-year-old because he had not paid a fine for fraud and had not started the alternatively imposed sentence of 140 days.

However, according to the federal police, he was able to raise the required fine of 1,745 euros, so that he was able to leave the police station after Tuesday’s incident. He remained at large.

Source: AFP

Norderney: DNA analysis after skull discovery

A human skull found by tourists from the beach on the island of Norderney is relatively young and is now being examined by the State Criminal Police Office (LKA). The skull was at the LKA for a DNA analysis, a police spokeswoman said on Wednesday. In addition, there is an exchange with missing persons, but so far without results. The skull lacking the lower jaw was discovered on the East Frisian island in February.

The police meanwhile rule out that the bones are centuries old. A possible explanation had initially been that they came from an earlier cemetery on the island and were washed up. Whether an accident or a crime was behind the find, is currently not to be said, said the spokeswoman. The “Ostfriesen-Zeitung” had previously reported. Results of the genetic test are expected in a few months.

Source: DPA

Celle: 13-year-old boy found dead in apartment

A 13-year-old boy was found dead in a friend’s apartment in Celle. According to police reports, it is completely unclear how the boy died. There is initially “no new knowledge,” said a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office in Celle on Wednesday morning. There were no traces of violence. Now the result of the forensic medical examination is awaited. The boy’s father had reported his son missing on Sunday evening. The child was discovered in the apartment on Monday, in which an 18-year-old acquaintance of the boy is reported. The police initially did not want to provide any further details on the case.

Source: DPA

Essen: Heavy steel structure collapsed

In Essen on Wednesday night, a steel structure weighing several tons collapsed at a bridge construction site. As reported by Radio Essen, the accident happened on Bottroper Straße at around 3.15 a.m. A worker standing on the steel girder was dragged down about five meters. He was taken to a hospital with severe injuries. The road and the railway line under the bridge are closed until further notice. The overhead line has been torn down, trains are partially diverted.

Source: Radio Essen

Saarbrücken: Football fans ensure greater police action after DFB Cup game

As the first fourth division club in the history of the DFB Cup, 1. FC Saarbrücken entered the semi-finals on Tuesday evening. The regional league team defeated the Bundesliga club Fortuna Düsseldorf on Tuesday evening in the quarterfinals 7: 6 (1: 1, 1: 1, 1: 0) on penalties. In the middle of the Nauwies district, the fans celebrated the victory so loudly that the police had to move out with a large contingent. As the officials reported on Wednesday morning, around 70 fans had celebrated and set off fireworks. From 11:30 p.m., the police received a number of calls from residents who felt disturbed. As a result, a large contingent of police – some from different parts of Saarland, including the federal police – had to approach in order to encourage the party-goers to behave more moderately. The mission ended at around 2:30 a.m. A patrol car was sprayed with graffiti, and the investigation into the perpetrators was initiated.

Source: Saarbrücken city police

Würzburg: More than 40 suspects identified after abuse scandal

The case of the speech therapist from Würzburg, accused of serious sexual abuse, has an international dimension. About a year after the 38-year-old was arrested, the police have identified another 42 suspects. Most of the proceedings were handed over to the locally responsible public prosecutor in Germany; 17 cases to authorities abroad. “For tactical reasons, I cannot give any information about the respective countries,” said Chief Prosecutor Thomas Goger from the Central Office Cybercrime Bavaria, which is located at the Bamberg Attorney General. Specifically, it is about possession and distribution of child pornography and sexual abuse of children.

With the accused speech therapist, who has to answer for this before the regional court in Würzburg, almost 23,000 files with child pornography content were discovered. These brought investigators, for example in the United States, on the track of suspected perpetrators. Further planned acts could have been prevented in this way, it was said last September at the end of the investigation against the speech therapist.

News from Tuesday, March 3rd

Ansbach: Bailiff’s office attacked with knife

The police in the Ansbach area in Bavaria are looking for a man who is said to have robbed a bailiff’s office armed with a knife in the morning. A person was injured but was not in mortal danger, said a police spokesman. So far, nothing is known about the attacker’s motive. The police spokesman was also unable to confirm whether the victim was the bailiff. The man had fled on foot. The police are looking for, among other things, a helicopter.

Source: DPA

Varel: Aldi market cleared due to banana spider

The police cleared an Aldi store in Varel, Lower Saxony. “The market has been cleared and closed on suspicion of a banana spider being reported,” the police tweeted. The competent authorities are alarmed, it said.

Source: Police Wilhelmshaven / Twitter

Tannroda: Car drives through river and is driven off

A car has been aborted while crossing a river in Thuringia. As a police spokeswoman said on Tuesday, the 34-year-old driver in Bad Berka wanted to cross the Ilm at a point with low water. The 34-year-old, his 20-year-old companion, and a toddler who was also in the car were reportedly drenched. As a precaution, they were taken to a hospital.

The car was recovered by the fire department. It was driven off about 100 meters before it got stuck in the river bed. The driver said he had to cross the river regularly. On Monday afternoon, however, he said he was surprised by “a wave”, the police said.

The firefighters try to retrieve a car from the Ilm.

Firefighters try to recover the car from the Ilm

Source: DPA

Munich: dispute over dog in subway – man pulls out pocket knife

In a dispute over a dog in a Munich subway, a man slightly injured his opponent with a pocket knife. “There were disputes between two people on Tuesday morning – triggered by a dog,” said a police spokesman. One of the opponents used a pocket knife and inflicted a superficial cut on the victim. The injured was taken to a hospital and the perpetrator was arrested. At first, the police did not give any details about the two.

The incident in the middle of the rush hour had caused a stir. The police and employees of the underground security service arrived with several emergency services. The subway was stopped at Dietlindenstrasse. “But it was all half as wild,” said the police spokesman. “The traffic congestion on the subway was also over after a short time.” Several media had previously reported on the case.

Source: DPA

Cologne: Road sacked after broken water pipe

In Cologne, a road has sagged due to a broken water pipe. The Inner Canal Street is therefore completely closed in both directions on Tuesday between Escher Street and Neusser Street. Significant traffic congestion must be expected. As the city reported on its website, the access from Autobahn 57 and from Aachener Straße to Innere Kanalstraße in the direction of the zoo was completely blocked at the request of RheinEnergie. The city recommends road users to avoid the area on a large scale. The buses of lines 127 and 142 cannot run their full route either. A diversion is not possible, the Cologne transport company tweeted.

Roadway in Cologne has bagged a large area

After a broken water pipe, a lane of a busy street in Cologne city center has sagged

Source: city ​​Cologne

Berlin: Police look for witnesses after murder of mother and child

In Berlin, the police are looking for witnesses after the double murder of a mother and her child. The officials reported that the 38-year-old woman and her nine-year-old daughter were found dead in an apartment in Marzahn-Hellersdorf on Saturday, February 29. The perpetrator (s) used, among other things, a fire extinguisher that was brought into the apartment. The background to the crime is still unclear. The police are looking for witnesses who, between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., made observations in the area of ​​the crime scene on Wörlitzer Strasse on that day. The Murder Commission receives information on 030/46 64 91 14 44 or any other police station.

Source: Police Berlin

Schleswig-Holstein: raid on alleged right-wing extremists

The State Criminal Police Office in Schleswig-Holstein has been conducting a nationwide raid on supporters of the right-wing scene since Tuesday morning. As reported by the officials, homes have been searched by 12 suspects aged 19 to 57 in Schleswig-Holstein and other federal states since 6 a.m. There is suspicion that the accused joined other people in Bad Segeberg in July 2019 to form the right-wing extremist group “Aryan Circle Germany”, the purpose of which is to commit xenophobic bodily harm and property damage as well as criminal offenses under the Weapons Act. According to the police, some people have already been noticed in the past by xenophobic crimes or violations of the weapons law.

Source: State Criminal Police Office of Schleswig-Holstein

News from Monday March 2nd

Bochum: novice driver drives 510 hp car to scrap

An 18-year-old driver started a jaunt in Bochum without permission – and drove a 510 hp car to scrap. The young man was traveling with his 16-year-old passenger on Autobahn 40 towards Dortmund when he lost control of the powerful car. According to the police on Monday, he accelerated, changed lanes and crashed into a concrete wall. The car spun and bumped into the wall again.

Both inmates were hospitalized and the 16-year-old was slightly injured in the accident on Sunday night. The police estimated the damage at around 50,000 euros. The young man reportedly took his father’s car key unnoticed, to whom an acquaintance had entrusted the car for transfer.

news germany - scraped sports cars

That should cause trouble: According to the police, the driver had borrowed the sports car without permission

Source: DPA

Essen: After an accident at the bus stop – one victim is still in mortal danger

After the serious traffic accident with twelve injuries at an Essen tram stop, one of the victims is still in mortal danger. The state of health of the other two life-threatening injuries has improved, the police said on Monday. The cause of the Saturday afternoon accident was initially still unclear.

An 81-year-old driver had hit several people at the train station and injured ten passers-by. The elderly woman behind the wheel and her passenger were also injured.

Source: AFP

Cottbus: 31-year-old apparently shot dead in the city center

A man has apparently been shot in downtown Cottbus. The police said they were called to a park on Sunday evening after witnesses heard gunshots and found a seriously injured man. The man was a 31-year-old German from the region, it said.

Despite attempts at resuscitation, he still died on site, the police said. The police and prosecutors’ investigation into the crime continued on Monday, a police spokesman said.

Source: AFP

Mölln: Two dead found in caravans

The fire brigade discovered two bodies on Monday during fire fighting in the courtyard of a car dealership in Schleswig-Holstein. In the morning, two caravans had caught fire for an unknown cause, the police said. After extinguishing work on the farm in Mölln in the Duchy of Lauenburg, the two dead were found in the completely burned-out vehicles. At first, their identity was not established. The criminal police have launched an investigation. The media had previously reported on it.

source: DPA

Frankfurt: Airport ceases flight operations due to drone sighting

The airport in Frankfurt am Main temporarily suspended flight operations on Monday afternoon. Shortly before 12 p.m., the federal police tweeted that a drone had been sighted and that German air traffic control is therefore currently not issuing take-off and landing permits. How many flights are canceled and how many passengers are affected is still unclear.
Source: Twitter Federal Police Frankfurt Airport

Freiburg: Suspected contract killer in court

After the violent death of a 24-year-old man in Freiburg, the trial of a suspected contract killer has started. The 33-year-old German killed his victim with two headshots at close range, said prosecutor Matthias Rall at the start of the trial before the Freiburg regional court on Monday. The accused acted on behalf of a 39-year-old Freiburg lawyer. The man, who is now on trial, had received the murder weapon from the lawyer and 50,000 euros for the murder. According to the indictment, the background was drug and money transactions.

The act occurred in mid-July last year in a commercial area in Freiburg. The accused was arrested last August. He has been in custody since then. The prosecutor said the charges were murder.

The lawyer – the alleged culprit of the crime – was arrested less than three weeks after the crime. According to investigators, he had saved a large sum of drug deals from the 24-year-old victim of the fatal crime. He ordered the murder out of greed for money. The lawyer committed suicide in his cell last November.

Source: DPA

Usedom: Fire destroys 100 beach chairs

A fire on the Baltic Sea island of Usedom destroyed around 100 beach chairs on Monday night. As the police reported in the morning, a witness called 911 just before midnight because a taxi in a commercial area was on fire. The fire spread to a winter camp in which the beach chairs were stored. Several carports also fell victim to the flames.

Source: Police in Neubrandenburg

A45: Alcoholized ghost driver causes accident

A 39-year-old driver hit highway 45 incorrectly early Monday morning and crashed into an oncoming car. A spokesman for the police said the 27-year-old driver of the oncoming car was slightly injured in the accident.

According to initial knowledge, the 39-year-old had driven wrong onto the A45 in the direction of Haiger at the Dillenburg junction. After about 500 meters, he crashed into the car of the 27-year-old, which continued to knock against a tractor-trailer. The ghost driver and the 56-year-old driver of the truck were therefore not injured.

An alcohol test showed the 39-year-old to be almost one per thousand. He is facing a trial for endangering road traffic. Several media had previously reported.

Source: DPA

Dortmund: Restaurant evacuated due to fire

Due to a fire in a stainless steel chimney, a restaurant in Dortmund had to be cleared on Saturday evening. As the fire department announced on Monday morning, the emergency services were alerted at around 9:30 p.m. Light carbon monoxide gases were already measured there by a backflow of dissipating cooking gases in the restaurant. The fire department cut the outer chimney to put out the fire. Nobody got hurt. The restaurant is closed until further notice.

Source: Firefighters Dortmund

Karlsruhe: Numerous operations due to storm lows

The police in Karlsruhe kept the stormy weather in suspense. As the officials reported on Monday morning, the officers had to deploy more than 100 missions in around two hours. Fallen trees caused a number of disabilities in the city and district. The fire brigades were also in constant use. Except for two sections of the route, all disruptions were eliminated. The L 604 between Waldstadt and Eggenstein and the K 3525 between Hambrücken and Weiher had to remain closed. Numerous cars were damaged by the wind break, falling bricks and other objects, it is said.

Source: Karlsruhe police

Viersen: Two police officers infected with coronavirus

“Covid-19 does not stop at the police,” officials from the Viersen district police department reported on Sunday. According to this, two officers were tested positive for the corona virus. All employees who have been in contact with the officials are informed. As a precaution, several employees remained in isolation. Citizens who are in contact with the officials have also been informed. However, the two sufferers showed no symptoms of the disease and were in domestic isolation.

Source: Police Viersen

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