«News» leads the Villalia Spring Series with 6 points of advantage

The J70 "News VIII" of the Royal Maritime Club of Santander, armed by Luis Martín Cabíedes, with the Spaniard Pichu Torcida to the cane and the Lanzaroteño Rayco Tabares of tactician, is the leader of the fourth act of the Villalia Spring Series, qualifiers for the designation of the Team of Spain in the 2019 World Cup, which are organizing Fleet 1 of Spain and the Royal Nautical Club of Vigo. His biggest rival, the "Guardia & Moreira" patronized by Gonzalo Araújo, follows him to few points, while the third in discord is the "Gextiom Group" that is usually patronized by the Laureano Wizner from Malaga and who yesterday took his son as his son, Martin Wizner, world champion of 420 and one of the strongest promises of the Spanish Olympic sailing, has distanced himself even more from the first two places, so his goal is to consolidate in third place.

A lot of wind in Vigo: about 20 knots of the northwest, which together with a curly sea led to a splendid race course in the Vigo estuary. Punctuality in the beginning, at three o'clock in the afternoon, being able to complete three; with partial victories for "La Guardia & Moreira" by Araújo, "Patakín" by the Mallorcan Solana and the leader "Noticia VIII".

It has to highlight the "Abril Verde" of Luis Pérez Canal who deserved to win the first round, in which he dominated widely in his initial compasses, achieving however being second. It is necessary to emphasize that this first day had "ourensano" color … "Abril Verde" is second, his brother Jorge with "Abril Rojo" is seventh and Alejandro the son of Luis (a promise in the making) that despite his youth He got into the eighth with "Enersys II".

Regarding the northern Galician fleet, the best positioned "Mercado Boanerges" of the Coruñés Malalo Bermúdez de Castro, which was fifth … being the fourth place for the Valencian boat "Let it be" by Juan Calvo Boronat of the Real Club Náutico de Denia Behind him, an excellent "Sogacsa" that features Pablo Iglesias as one of the Telefonicas in the Volvo Ocean Race. The Barcelona "Tenaz" by Pablo Garriga was placed in the tenth place.

For Saturday second day from twelve in the morning. The program will celebrate four rounds, of which already each J70 can discard its worst score. . (tagsToTranslate) news (t) leads (t) 6 (t) points (t) advantage

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