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Neymar could receive a strong sanction and would not play until 2021

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Everything could get complicated for Neymar, PSG forward, who denounced racism by Álvaro González during the match against Olympique de Marseille, the Classic french which ended with five expelled.

Until now, the Brazilian was only sanctioned with two games, but this punishment would increase, because according to the newspaper The team both the Spanish and Neymar eight games could be suspended and stop playing the remainder of this 2020 in Ligue 1.

Lip readers confirm that there was racism against Neymar

During the program Spectacular sport of the chain Globe, led specialists in lip reading, who according to a video they analyzed, Álvaro González did call Neymar “monkey son of a bitch”, same recording as according to Brazilian media It will be PSG’s test against the French league.

However, there is a setback against the Paris Saint-Germain striker, as in the program The Partidazo of COPE They mentioned that Marseille they have pictures where it is shown called “Chinese shit” to japanese Hiroki Sakai.

In case both insults are confirmed, both Neymar and the Spanish defender would be sanctioned between 9 and 10 matches, so they would not have activity this 2020.

According to article nine of the regulations of the French Soccer League it mentions that they will be suspended between 9 and 10 parties “any insult on the grounds of ideology, race, nationality or ethnicity”.



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