Neymar suits Barca for the third time

As published by El Mundo, Neymar has again requested Barça and demands € 6.5 million for the tax contingencies he had to face due to the fictitious contracts he signed. This is the third court action against the Barça striker.

This claim comes months after the Paris Saint Germain player filed a new lawsuit against the Barça club “for defaulting on a part of his salary when he left Barcelona”. The Brazilian claimed € 3.5 million accusing the Catalan club of acting in “absolute bad faith” for signing with the PSG. According to the player’s lawyers, Barca would have sought a way to “punish” Neymar without paying him everything he deserved, as a punishment to see how he left for Paris Saint-Germain, Barca’s rival in Europe.

Neymar has already sued Barça in time for defaulting on the second half of the renewal premium he owed when he left the club. Neymar claimed the payment of € 30 million while Barça, in turn, demanded from the Barcelona court, the total proceeds from the renewal that he spent months prior to signing for the PSG. Barca went to deposit the outstanding amount of Neymar’s renewal premium with the notary, but he went to PSG. Although the case is still open, Barça tried to sign Neymar in the summer, with the Brazilian offering to return and being prepared to withdraw the complaint. Now he has put two more.


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