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Neymar’s mother loves this 22-year-old – that’s what her son says

He is a big fan of soccer star Neymar jr .: In January Tiago Ramos published a photo of himself and the Paris-Saint-Germain star on Instagram. “You are fantastic,” wrote the 22-year-old to Neymar. 14 weeks later, it turns out that Ramos is married to the Brazilian’s mother.

“You don’t explain the inexplicable, you live it,” wrote Nadine Goncalves on Instagram. The 52-year-old mother of Neymar jr. published a photo of herself and Ramos at the weekend, which shows them in love in the garden.

She holds his face tenderly, he stands opposite her and shines on her. Ramos also showed the picture on his account, commented “inexplicably” and posted a heart about it.

Ramos earns his money as a gamer

Goncalves separated from Neymar’s father Neymar da Silva Santos in 2016 after 25 years of marriage. She is involved in the foundation of her son “Instituto Neymar jr.”, Which supports 92,000 socially disadvantaged children in the area around Neymar’s hometown Praia Grande.

Ramos earns his money as a computer game professional, model and influencer. It is followed by more than 500,000 users on Instagram, where the Brazilian likes to present his muscular dream body. He is a member of the computer game group “4K Easy”, which participates in professional competitions of the game “Free Fire”.

Neymar Jr. gives his blessing

When and how he and the 30-year-old Goncalves met is unknown. But Ramos is a big Neymar fan and wrote to the footballer back in 2017: “I am sure that one day our paths will cross.”

Who actually came up with this? :

Neymar Jr. has no problems with his mother’s new love. He commented on the photo of her and Ramos on Instagram. Neymar’s message to his mother was short but succinct: “Be happy mom. I love you.”

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