Nicaragua asks Russia for weapons and military support after denouncing ‘external threats’

Managua Nicaragua.

The government of Vladimir Putin revealed during the IX International Security Conference in Moscow that the government of Nicaragua srequested the Russia support to acquire modern weaponry Y military preparation in order to confront the “threats of terrorism” under which the regime of Daniel Ortega hides to justify the arrest of dozens of opponents.

This was reported yesterday by the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu. “Historically we developed the association with Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and other countries. They are nations that for years have faced different forms of pressure and even threats open use of the military force”.

The senior official stressed that the authorities of the aforementioned countries are forced to equip your Armed Forces with contemporary weaponry and prepare your troops for operations from combat in complex environments.

Russian support for Ortega comes a day after the Senate Foreign Relations committee of USA approve the RenacerENACER bill to promote elections “Free and fair” in Nicaragua.

This bill requires the U.S. government to increase sanctions coordination with Canada and the European Union and strengthen intelligence reports on the activities of the Russian government in Nicaragua.

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USA also seeks to oversee cooperation between the Russian military personnel Y Nicaraguan, as well as telecommunications and political and economic alliances between both countries.

Meanwhile, the UN yesterday reiterated its concern about the wave of arrests of leaders opponents in Nicaragua and he again called for the release of all “political prisoners” and measures to ensure that the next general elections are credible.

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“It is very important that the authorities of Nicaragua respect their human rights obligations. They have to free the political prisoners and social leaders and there has to be some kind of broad agreement on measures for elections that are credible, transparent and participatory, ”said spokesman Stéphane Dujarric when asked about the situation in the country.


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