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Nicola, Nurse: “I sell a kidney to go home, I am suitable for mobility but the ASL does not call me”. – AssoCareNews.it

The letter from Nicola, Nurse, leaves us stunned: “I am willing to sell a kidney to return to Puglia, a colleague asked me for 20,000 euros for an equal change and to return to my Foggia”.

Dearest Director of AssoCareNews.it,

my name is Nicola (invented name) and I am in the ranking in the Extra-regional mobility Nurses Puglia. A few days ago browsing the Facebook groups talking about competition and mobility, I ran into a colleague who works at the Ospedali Riuniti in Foggia, who proposed me an equal change to move to Veneto. In return, however, for his personal needs, he asked me 20.000 euro.

At first I thought he was joking, actually he meant it. He is in a dire economic situation and he needs that amount immediately.

But I don’t have those 20,000 euros, also because I pay a mortgage and have my family who lives on the Gargano, I pay an expensive rent and I also have to survive.

That’s why I decided to launch a provocative message: I sell a kidney for 20,000 euros to move to Puglia and be with my family, my wife and my three children.

Here in Veneto, to survive and save as much as possible to send money home, I make enormous sacrifices. I haven’t been out for two years, I go home every two months and I often eat bread and onion to save money (and I’m not saying it to say it).

Now there is this possibility, as I said I already have a mortgage behind me and the bank does not give me loans, not even the financial ones.

Then I just have to sell one of my organs. I think a kidney from a Nurse who wants to go home after years of forced exile is worth at least 20,000 euros. The liver does not come, it is too stressed by an increasingly less satisfying and increasingly humiliating professional activity.

I greet you Director, you have known me for years and you know how much I need to go home and end this imprisonment.

Nicola, Nurse selling a kidney

PS = I read your report on Lopalco: probably does not have the right glasses to read the aforementioned decision to formalize the extra-regional mobility ranking. If you have something left over from 20,000 euros, I’m willing to send it to a good ophthalmologist in my area. I hope he goes there and that it gives the opportunity for many of us to finally return to the dear beloved and sweet Puglia.

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