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Nicolas Céléguègne. ” In Paradise? The song of the waves, the birds, the voice of Nina Simone … “

Nicolas Céléguègne. Author, composer, performer.

Nicolas CELEGUEGNE, born in 1973, author of songs and books (notably youth crime novels), former animator, long time volunteer on Dialogue RCF Marseille, educator and trainer, currently adviser on professional integration. A committed humanist, particularly in the fight against illiteracy, the prevention of school failure and everyone’s access to culture and reading. In the pipeline: a biography of the Four Bearded Men and another by Jean-Michel Caradec. A second CD since the first in 1998. Chronicles of children’s songs on the “Nos Enchanteurs” site.

The blog: http://celeguegne.blogspot.com/

Nicolas CELEGUEGNE has just published an essay devoted to singer, author, performer Jean Humenry (Éditions Harmattan. Itinerary of an obstinate singer. Preface by Marie-Agnès Boquien-Fresneau. Afterword by Michel Kemper. Cabaret collection. L’Harmattan editions. 254 pages, 25 €; Jean Humenry’s latest compilation, As far as here (4 CD), was published by ADF / Comme-ci-comme ci.

Presentation on the site “Our Enchanters: http://www.nosenchanteurs.eu/index.php/2019/12/22/les-chemins-de-traverse-de-jean-humenry/

A meeting and signing around the book “Jean Humenry, itinerary of an obstinate singer”, is organized on Friday March 6, 2020, from 7 p.m. At the Harmattan authors’ space, 24, rue des Écoles. 75005 Paris.

Angry scenes and celebrations accomplished. Jean-Louis Cadoré and Céléguègne in concert on Saturday March 7, 2020, at Catherine and Jean’s (address given by invitation)

The friends of Paname, Sunday March 8, 2020, from 4 to 8 p.m. Le Rigoletto, 337, rue de Belleville. 75019 PARIS (Free entry).


What music, old or recent, evoking God that you have heard and appreciated?

Nicolas Céléguègne: The songs of Jean Humenry, but also those of Yves Duteil, Michel Delpech, Claude Nougaro, Bob Dylan and even Michel Jonasz and Alain Souchon.

Do you think God loves music?

I wish him, otherwise he must be bored …

What music do you hear in paradise?

Surely the song of the waves, the birds, the voice of Nina Simone…

What music do you think invites you to prayer?

All music, sacred or profane, can encourage it by putting us in a state of contemplation.

What do musical angels sing?

Aquarela, from the Brazilian Antonio Pecci Filho, known as Toquinho.

If prayer was a song, a music, which one would you choose?

Ecclesiastes by Jean Humenry

What would you like to “sing” to God when you meet him?

It’s sunny, by Jean-Roger Caussimon. And then I have a couple of things to ask him …

What are your favorite music in your personal disco. The ten musics and songs to take away on a desert island?

  1. We must turn the page (Claude Nougaro by Maurane)
  2. Ant Bay (Souchon and Voulzy)
  3. Christmas in Washington (Joan Baez)
  4. The Black Tree (Nino Ferrer)
  5. This robin (Jean Vasca)
  6. Just once make waves (Anne Sylvestre)
  7. Letter to the stranger from Prague (Hélène Martin)
  8. Here (Gilbert Laffaille)
  9. Nothing to throw away (Georges Brassens): “on the desert island you have to take everything” …
  10. Let em ’in (Paul Mc Cartney)

What is the refrain that impressed you the most?

I run in my head, by Jean Humenry (again!)

Who are the great authors, composers or performers that matter to you?

In addition to those I have already mentioned, I add Simon and Garfunkel, Léo Ferré, Félix Leclerc, Tom Jobim, there are so many!

– The last time you were moved while listening to music, a song, which was it?

Listening to Michel Jonasz’s new song, Swim across the sea.

If God was a song, a music, what would it be?

.Flying to the moon by Frank Sinatra!


Robert Migliorini


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