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Nicolás Trotta, on the continuity of classes: “We have to be responsible”

The Minister of Education, Nicolas Trotta, Defended this Saturday the decision of do not close schools or universities, although this is a measure that is being taken in other countries as a result of the pandemic of the coronavirus. He questioned the establishments that unilaterally chose to stop teaching, a group in which he is northlands college, the Medicine faculties of the UBA and the University of Morón and some headquarters of the National Technological University (UTN).

“We understand the pressure they have, from social networks, from people. But whoever has an institutional position must have the power to listen to specialists and their recommendations. I have spoken with governors who argue that classes must be suspended because it is what people want; what we have to do is be responsible, “the minister said in statements to the program” Saturday very early, “on Miter radio.

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“We are working with an expert committee that brings together the highest epidemiological health references in the country. The moment it is best to close, we will close, but the specialists have to say it. If we do not do it, it is because this committee recommends that, for the prevention of coronavirus transmission for Argentina today, it is best not to suspend classes and strengthen all preventive tasks. ”

Anyway, the official clarified that It is a decision that is reviewed every day.

“We all have the right to have a position on whether the classes do or not, but we have to have confidence in the largest health references in Argentina, which analyze the virus in the country and the experience in the countries of the Northern Hemisphere, which traveled this actually two months ago, with a high level of contagion“Explained the minister.

Trotta said that on Tuesday they will have a meeting at the National Interuniversity Council to advance with preventive protocols and the suspension of some activities.

In addition, he maintained that in the event that it is necessary to suspend classes, are producing educational material to broadcast on different platforms. “We are working with Public Television, which will have specific programs in case the school cycle is suspended, which are already in production, with Paka Paka, Encuentro, with Radio Nacional, which is a request from rural schools, with the entire radio and TV network of universities and provincial channels ” , he detailed.

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Trotta anticipated that, “Starting Monday, there will be a portal with all the teaching material for each of the years, with material that Encuentro and the state society Educar have been producing. The portal is called Learning in class and it will be complementary to school. We have to generate all possible material, including graphic material, because in cases where there is no connectivity we will send material to homes. We are preparing in the event that classes have to be suspended

On the other hand, the minister indicated that they are reinforcing all the hygiene measures and that the jurisdictions are beginning to send prevention and hygiene materials that, until now, have generally been purchased by schools. “The Ministry has also established amounts to be sent to the school that requests it,” he revealed.


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