Nicole Kidman confessed to Hugh Grant why she didn’t get Julia Roberts’ role in Notting Hill

“Notting Hill” – a romantic comedy, spiced with fine gags in detail and a simple but skilfully told story, is now – 21 years after its publication – a cult film. Were starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts celebrated. But another now world-famous actress also fought for a job in film.

Kidman: Too “untalented” for “Notting Hill”

In fact Nicole Kidmanthat was for the magazine Marie Claire conducted an interview with Grant and told him why it failed in the end. “I really wanted the role that Julia Roberts was playing,” said Kidman. “But I wasn’t known and I wasn’t talented enough.” A claim that Grant was quick to reject, suggesting instead that Kidman has taken in more than a fair share of successes and awards since then.

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