Nikon is developing the first camera without a rear mirror

Tell me – Nikon, a Japanese company specialized in imaging and optics, has developed the first camera of its kind, without an internal mirror.

The company “Nikon” confirmed that the camera “Z9” is the first in the company’s product line, and the company described its new model of cameras as a “pioneer”.

According to the technical site “The Verge”, the initial image announced by the company shows that the “Z9” camera is a combination of the Z7 camera and the D6 digital single lens DSLR camera with an integrated vertical grip, a feature that photography professionals are looking for to ensure an equal photographic experience, regardless. For different directions.

Although Nikon has not announced more details about the Z9 camera, Nikon pledges to provide the highest efficiency cameras in terms of stable performance and video clips, which will be the highest in the company’s history.

The Z9 cameras contain a new image-processing engine and the highest quality of 8K video, in addition to a full sensor called CMOS and many features and specifications that meet the desires of users and their work needs.

The company indicated that the new camera will be tested in the Tokyo Olympics, and it is expected to be released in the fall of this year.


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