Ninebot introduced an electric card with a portable speaker function

Chinese company Ninebot launched sales of compact race car No. 9 Kart Pro. It is reported that the manufacturer worked on creating a cheap map for two years, during which the prototype traveled about 33,000 kilometers in total and proved its safety. A karting machine costs $ 1,272, which at the current rate is about 90,000 rubles.

Racing car Ninebot No. 9 Kart Pro has a sporty design with good aerodynamics, so that the headwind does not interfere with gaining high speeds. As with many other racing cars, the engine is located on the rear of the structure. To prevent the car from turning over, the front part is made heavier. Among other features, it is worth noting the presence of metal pedals and LED headlights.

Engine power is 2400 watts, and a battery charge of 432 Wh is enough to overcome 62 laps along a 400-meter track. In general, a kart car supports four riding modes:

  • beginner mode at a speed of up to 8 km / h;
  • normal mode (18 km / h);
  • sport mode (28 km / h);
  • track mode (37 km / h).

If necessary, the pilot can control how the inner and outer wheels behave during cornering. In addition, it is worth noting that the car is equipped with 8-watt speakers and can play music via Bluetooth.

Some sources indicate that Xiaomi has something to do with the new product. In fact, the car manufacturer is the Chinese company Ninebot – earlier it sued Segway because of charges of illegal use of patents.

The case ended with Ninebot buying Segway along with all patents for gyro scooters and other equipment. And Xiaomi helped her with money in this matter, which is why in some countries vehicles are sold under different brands.

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