Nintendo Ban Game Animal Crossing: New Horizons For Politics

INDOZONE.ID – Nintendo asked for games Animal Crossing: New Horizons not used as a campaign tool, especially for political purposes.

“Our services and products are generally for personal use only, we understand that there are businesses and organizations that want to use or refer to games for their business,” said Nintendo, quoted by The Verge, Friday.

Nintendo asked the Animal Crossing game which was launched last March not to be used as a marketing campaign and especially politics.

This ban came after the President of the United States was elected Joe Biden used this game for a campaign some time ago.

Nintendo states that such use of Animal Crossing requires their written permission.

Nintendo prohibits content that is vulgar, discriminatory and offensive because the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons has an E rating. Users are also prohibited from obtaining financial benefits from the game, including selling customized designs or advertising revenue.

If these rules are violated, Nintendo says it will block businesses using the game.

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