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No! BACA-WINS Stocks Collapse, BEBS-ZBRA’s Turn ‘Angry’

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Share a health service company owned by Rudi Tanoesoedibjo PT Zebra Nusantara Tbk (ZBRA) and a concrete producer ready mix and precast PT Berkah Beton Sadaya (BEBS) became the top gainers in the first half of today’s trading, Wednesday (25/8/2021).

Meanwhile, the shares of the issuer of oil and gas shipping services PT Wintermar Offshore Marine Tbk (WINS) and the banking sector PT Bank Capital Indonesia Tbk (BACA) is entrenched in the row top losers.

The Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) managed to rebound until this afternoon. JCI rose 0.24% to 6,103,920 at the close of the first trading session on Wednesday (25/8).

According to IDX data, there were 252 rising stocks, 227 declining stocks and 164 stagnant stocks, with transaction value reaching Rp 6.99 trillion and trading volume reaching 15.58 billion shares.

Foreign investors in the stock market entered the Indonesian stock exchange with a record foreign net purchase of Rp 208.50 billion in the regular market. Meanwhile, foreigners recorded a net purchase in the negotiating market and cash market of Rp 219.23 billion.

Here are the top 5 stock gainers and losers of session I today (25/8).

Top Gainers

  1. Langgeng Makmur Industri (LMPI), shares +29.67%, to Rp 236, transaction Rp 21.4 M

  2. MegaPower Makmur (MPOW), +25.00%, to Rp 100, transaction Rp 8.4 M

  3. All Concrete Blessings (BEBS), +22.97%, to Rp 910, transaction Rp 96.6 M

  4. Zebra Nusantara (ZBRA), +20.28%, to IDR 1,305, transaction IDR 84.7 M

  5. Trimegah Sekuritas Indonesia (TRIM), +19.42%, to Rp 246, transaction Rp 15.3 M

Top Losers

  1. Wintermar Offshore Marine (WINS), shares -6.54%, to Rp 143, transaction Rp 10.4 M

  2. Centratama Telekomunikasi Indonesia (CENT), -4.21%, to Rp 364, transaction Rp 35.5 M

  3. MNC Kapital Indonesia (BCAP), -3.15%, to Rp 123, transaction Rp 13.6 M

  4. Bank Capital Indonesia (BACA), -2.83%, to Rp 515, transaction Rp 504.4 M

  5. Bukopin Family Planning Bank (BBKP .), -2.70%, to Rp 540, transaction Rp 228.8 M

According to the data above, BEBS shares shot up 22.97% to Rp 910/share. Yesterday, this stock jumped 24.37%, while on Monday it rose 24.48%.

Then, ZBRA’s shares soared 20.28% to Rp 1,305/share. The stock of this issuer, which used to be engaged in land transportation, managed to rebound from the 5.65% correction in yesterday’s trading.

In a week ZBRA shares rose 19.72%, while in a month it rose 46.63%, while year to date (ytd) has skyrocketed to the moon 1,034,78%. The significant increase in ZBRA’s shares was driven by news about the company’s acquisition by Rudi Tanoe in March 2021.

The increase in ZBRA and BEBS shares occurred as Ustaz Yusuf Mansur, the head of the Daarul Qur’an Islamic Boarding School, and also the owner of the asset management company PT Paytren Aset Manajemen (Paytren) bought up the two shares.

Previously, in early August, he purchased 6 million lots (600 million shares) of property and real estate issuer PT Repower Asia Indonesia Tbk (REAL) at a price of Rp 50/share worth Rp 30 billion.

Yusuf Mansur entered Zebra Nusantara through a consortium. Zebra Nusantara is a business unit that is affiliated with DNR Corporation where this company runs its business units in terms of online and offline logistics throughout Indonesia.

“The digital side will always be interesting, because the future, God’s permission, any face, digital, plus the logistics ecosystem, food, medicine, and in the media industry related to Covid, in logistics for example ZBRA helps distribute Bulog rice aid throughout the land. water, together with PT Pos… so you can do good deeds too. The mansurmology is right,” he said on his Instagram account @Yusufmansurnew.

This was also confirmed when CNBC Indonesia contacted Ustadh YM, his nickname, this Wednesday (25/8).

“I see that ZBRA through DNR is a complete part and can implement the concept of an integrated end-to-end supply chain solution for various logistics activities as well as offline and online distribution throughout Indonesia, so that it can answer the needs of the people who are fast-paced, efficient. , and at a more affordable price,” said YM.

Meanwhile, in June 2021 Yusuf Mansur has pressed a cooperation contract with BEBS through PT Apel Mas Indonesia (AMI), YM’s drinking water company. The cooperation worth Rp 125 billion will be used to build an AMI mineral water factory.

Meanwhile, WINS shares fell to the lower auto rejection limit (ARB) of 6.54%. Investors seem to be starting to realize profits after yesterday this stock shot 16.79%.

Similarly, BACA shares were also hit by investors’ profit-taking so that their shares fell 2.83%. Previously, this stock had accelerated for 3 consecutive days.

The management of BACA is holding an EGMS this Wednesday to seek approval for the corporate action to issue new shares with Pre-emptive Rights (HMETD) or rights issue.


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