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The 1000th GP was once again a failure for Ferrari. The Scuderia then got the full broadside from the media.

Ferrari has to listen to a lot again after the disastrous Tuscany GP. “The first Grand Prix in Mugello will be remembered as another disaster for Ferrari,” wrote La Repubblica.

Tuttosport summed up the situation: «Ferrari is sinking deeper and deeper into the crisis. The disappointment and frustration of the Tifosi are growing, especially because there is still no way out. “

The press reviews at a glance:


La Repubblica: The first Grand Prix at Mugello will be remembered as another disaster for Ferrari. The celebration of the great past of the racing team is overshadowed by the present with no prospects.

Corriere dello Sport: Once again a disgrace for Ferrari, and this time on the home track in Mugello. The Scuderia falls far behind in the ranking. It will take a long time to resolve this situation; there are no future prospects at the moment.

Gazzetta dello Sport: When Ferrari wants to celebrate its glorious past, Mercedes dominates the race on the Scuderia track. Any festive mood for the 1000th race will be immediately erased by the bitterness of this catastrophic 2020.

Tuttosport: Terrible race in the Mugello. Ferrari is sinking deeper and deeper into the crisis. The disappointment and frustration of the Tifosi are growing, especially because there is still no way out.

Corriere della Sera: While the other teams have grown, Ferrari is sinking more and more into an unprecedented crisis. Leclerc must hoist the white flag in front of the attacks by Renault, McLaren and Racing Point: a sporty drama for a highly motivated driver.


Guardian: The net result had a familiar smell, but on the way there, chaos and misfortune brought a lot of color to this Grand Prix. No space in the field seemed safe until the checkered flag was finally waved. The race will go down in the history books as another double victory, but it still had nothing to do with routine. This great old course doesn’t have the financial support for a place on the regular calendar. But he would deserve it.

Daily Mail: Red flags, accidents, mistakes – Lewis Hamilton navigates the chaos and is still one win away from Schumacher’s brand that many believed was untouchable. The German’s achievements in turn act like a rebuke for the current Scuderia, which should celebrate its 1000th Grand Prix.

Mirror: An ice cold Lewis Hamilton kept a cool head as his competitors lost theirs in the dramatic Tuscan Grand Prix. Only one victory is still missing to make the Schumacher record. On the day Ferrari hit a historic milestone, Hamilton showed again why his name will forever be in the Formula 1 record books.


L’Equipe: Five points for Ferrari after the zero numbers were almost good news recently. But the limits of the SF1000 were obvious, Leclerc’s fifth place in qualifying was just an illusion. In the race he was defenseless – and without the numerous failures of the competition, Vettel would never have gotten a world championship point.


Marca: Hamilton’s number 90 victory. The Mugello circuit turned into an inferno for the racing cars, and the safety car was close to provoking a catastrophe. It’s a miracle that nobody was injured in the accidents. It was one of the strangest races in history.

As: Hamilton remains uninjured in the chaos of accidents in Mugello, but it was no walk in the park. A brave Sunday in Mugello.

Sport: Hamilton survived the Mugello chaos. Only twelve cars at the finish in an insane, accident-prone race. Unbelievable, the safety car was to blame for an accident.

El Mundo Deportivo: A pure survival race. In the end, everyone won in Mugello because luckily nothing serious happened.


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