"No God" inscriptions tagged on one of the main churches in the city center


"No God" tags on the doors of Notre-Dame de la Dalbade church in Toulouse. – S. d'Artigue / Twitter

Very bad surprise for the parishioners of the center of Toulouse, this Saturday morning. Antireligious inscriptions have been found on the doors
of Our Lady of the Dalbade, one of the most emblematic churches of the city, rebuilt in the late fifteenth century after a fire. The message, written in white paint on the doors: "No God", or "no God", in VF.

On Twitter, Father Simon d'Artigue lamented that the building was "vandalized" in the night from Friday to Saturday.

Contacted by 20 minutesThe priest, parish priest of four parishes in the center of Toulouse, said that no other deterioration had been noted inside Notre-Dame de la Dalbade.

On social networks, Mayor Jean-Luc Moudenc (LR) spoke of "a shame" and "an outrage made to our heritage, and to the faithful of this place of worship." The elected representative promised "a quick cleaning of these inscriptions".


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