No longer a widow, but a bride! Dan Balan made an offer to Tine Karol

This is evidenced by the wedding rings that appeared in the couple after rumors of a passionate romance.

The feelings of 41-year-old Dan Balan and 35-year-old beautiful singer Tina Karol were watched by all fans. The coaches of the Ukrainian version of the show not only won the 9th and 10th seasons, but also found love. After long rumors and beautiful courtship, the couple had a beautiful duet, and Tina had the cherished engagement ring.

Tina Karol became a widow seven years ago when her husband Eugene Ogir passed away due to a long illness. For many years, the singer found solace in the work of Veniamin’s only son, but with the advent of Dan Balan in the Voice project, Karol’s icy heart melted. Coaches during the filming of the show could no longer hide their feelings, which were watched by spectators from different countries. It seems that it was quarantine that united the couple, because Dan now lives with her lover and several facts indicate this at once.

Dan Balan introduced Tina to his mom

It is known that Karol lives in Zazimye, next to which is a pine forest. It was in this forest that Balan “burned” when he showed his walk. Already then there were speculations that lovers live together. All the rumors were dispelled when Dan and Tina were broadcasting from Karol’s house at the final of “Voices”, and a beautiful duet of the couple recorded for the song “Remember”.

An engagement ring appeared on Balan’s finger.

In such an original way, the artists admitted to the fans their feelings, and the little ring on Tina’s finger indicates that Balan nevertheless decided and made an offer to the singer. Now Tina is no longer a widow, but a happy bride! A ring also appeared on the ring finger of the musician. Even fans noticed how Tina changed with the advent of Dan – the artist began to glow with joy, smile more, laugh and literally blossomed.

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After many years of painful loneliness, Balan still found the very only woman with whom he was ready to go down the aisle for the first time. The couple herself does not openly talk about the novel, but such vivid deeds are more beautiful than any official statement.


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  1. This is wandreful union ,they make a beautiful couple, congrats !!!!! I admire them in though I don’t understand Ukraine language.i still tune in to the voice because of them
    May they have a Blessed marriage.❤️

  2. Também os admiro muito sou fanzasso dos dois que Deus os abençoe e que venham logo fazer show no Brasil.????????????????

  3. Quiero saber todo a cerca de esta hermosa pareja, soy de Cusco-Peru
    Mi primer idioma es el español i radico en los Estados Unidos de North America.

  4. The Voice Ukraine is why I fell in love with the Country and the 2 love birds before I new it?Best wishes and happiness!

  5. You are one of the most beautiful couples I have ever seen and Tina you sing like an angel. I hope and wish you both every happiness in the world you both so deserve it. Also when your together it’s pure magic????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. Hope Tina and Dan are very happy. I hope Dan will bring happiness to Tina’s life. Pls do not hurt this girl because she is so special talented good woman


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