No miracle for the French team in the quarter-finals at the Tokyo Olympics

The task was arduous. And the miracle did not take place. The French men’s team was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the team tournament on Monday in Tokyo by the Chinese ogres, triple reigning Olympic champions, without winning a single match (0-3).

Only Simon Gauzy, in the first single, competed for two lasting sets with the masters of the game, pushing world number 1 Fan Zhendong to the fifth set. The French even led two innings to one (12-10, 10-12-10, 11-8) before stepping down and losing (11-5, 11-7 to finish). The double composed of Emmanuel Lebesson and Alexandre Cassin had suffered from the outset the superiority of the duo Ma Long-Xu Xin (0-3) and Emmanuel Lebesson did not weigh heavier (0-3) against Xu Xin, the world number 2.


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