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No police presence in IMSS Regional Hospital

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The day after the confrontation with bullets in the Regional Hospital number 1 of the Social Security, yesterday it looked without public security and practically desolate.

In a tour that took place in the area outside the Emergency Room, it was observed that on arrival, in the booth, there is no guard that this space controlling the entry and exit of vehicles. The booth even has a sign where they request a guard for a private security company.

Street merchants explained that this house has been alone for a long time, and that anyone can enter, either medical or administrative staff, because they have a parking lot for them, or people who do not even take patients to the hospital.

“There are those who enter, if they find a place they park, but they do not come to any urgency,” said one ambulant.

Few users in the hospital / Photo: Luis Gerardo Magaña


Continuing with the tour, the green areas that are available in the hospital looked alone, when they can usually be seen full of people, camping houses, chairs and even people sleeping outdoors, since they have patients hospitalized with prolonged illnesses. After the attack, users talked about the hospital being empty.

Arriving at the roundabout, loneliness was still noticeable, on the benches were only two security guards, who upon noticing the presence of EL DEBATE reporters, immediately got up and began to make the report through a radio.

The entrance booth looks empty / Photo: Luis Gerardo Magaña

There were few users entering and leaving, a nurse who left her night shift reported that emergency income was minimal during the afternoon and evening.

He explained that perhaps there was psychosis of the same right-hand habit of what had happened.

When asked if he knew if the patient for whom the attack was supposedly originated, he continued to be admitted to the hospital, he said he did not know that information, which was not given by the hospital and security authorities.


It was also possible to access the area of ​​consultation of specialties, there were about 50 people who were waiting to be attended, some mentioned that they attended the appointment with the fear that there was no service for what happened.

When asking the social workers about the people who were waiting for their appointment on Friday afternoon and were not attended to by the suspension, where the doctors themselves decided to leave the facilities, they said that they would be reagendadas and will have to wait until there is a place, which can take between one and three months, a situation that causes uncertainty among affected users.


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