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no snow for winter holidays

This year, no need to take out snowshoes or cross-country skis to wander the forests of Lozère. The winter holidays may have started four days ago, not the slightest trace of a snowflake on the horizon. So, the animators have to rack their brains to satisfy their customers. “You have to know how to be reactive, know how to adapt to weather conditions, have a whole repertoire of animations, a panel of adjustments and then put enthusiasm and conviviality“, confides one of them.

Each winter, the duration of snowfall decreases a little more in Lozère. But this year, the season already seems definitively buried. “Snow is the icing on the cake. I think you have to plan everything without snow and if there is snow, it will be even better“explains Christophe Albrovandi, the manager of the Les Bouviers ski resort.

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