Noerden launches Bim, an app to exercise with friends in videoconferencing

noerden bim

NOERDEN is a brand known for its smart wellness tech gadgets, and now wants to focus on apps that help people motivate themselves to exercise as well.

Now presents bim, a new fitness application to exercise with friends through video calls.

It is an application in which we can invite exercise with video calls. We can create our own training programs with a library of more than 160 exercises.

Schedule and join training sessions and share them on social media.

There are two training modes available via video calling: “train together” to do it with friends and “faster wins” to compete with others (fastest to finish wins).

They want to prevent people from exercising alone, from repeating exercise sessions with friends in the parks, but this time with video conferencing.

In addition to free workouts, which we can also enjoy alone, it has a Voice Guide (a preview of the exercise with voice guidance) and an option to track progress, see how many workouts we have done and consult a leaderboard among friends.

bim was created this year, based in Paris and Singapore, but is currently only on iOS. It is completely free, with no initial payment or subscriptions.

You can know the details and download the app from


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