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Noise in the camp of fighter jet supporters: FDP bigler is shot

Noise in the camp of the fighter jet supporters: FDP Bigler is kicked out of the committee

With a view to the autumn vote, supporters of new fighter jets have imposed strict rules for it.

Former National Councilor Hans-Ulrich Bigler. Image: KEYSTONE

A so-called code of conduct forbids any appearance of bias or vested interests in the companies involved. It was important to avoid even the slightest impression of the buyability. Gifts, invitations or even donations for the voting campaign are therefore prohibited.

Reason: When it became noticeable six years ago that the Gripen manufacturer Saab wanted to get involved in the referendum campaign, this seriously damaged the credibility of the yes campaign at the time. The steering committee of the advocacy committee recently signed the code, with one prominent exception: Hans-Ulrich Bigler (61), director of the trade association and former National Council of the FDP, does not support the agreement.

“In fact, Hans-Ueli Bigler did not sign our code of conduct,” confirms Committee President and FDP Council of States member Thierry Burkart (44, AG) when asked by SonntagsBlick. “We respect this decision as a matter of course, but we have decided in the management that he cannot remain a member of our committee in this case.”

The Aargau resident states: “From the beginning I told everyone involved that I would consistently enforce these rules.” Bigler says to SonntagsBlick: “We at the trade association know how to run campaigns and what should be done. For example, accepting donations is not up for discussion anyway. »

Bigler believes that there is therefore no need for a code. «Otherwise, we run the risk of agreeing such rules in the future before every vote. This prejudice must be avoided. » (bzbasel.ch)

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