Norman Myers Dies at 85; Sounded Early Alarm on Environment


The conservationist Norman Myers drew public attention to mass extinction, disappearing

Dr. (C) twriters who have worked for nearly 20 years, and who wrote nearly 20 years ago further research.

Dr. Myers died from Oct. 20 to a care facility in Oxford, England. He was a servant 85.

His daughter Malindi Myers Dementia body and Parkinson's disease.

Many of Dr. Not on field work of his own. This perspective allowed him to ask questions that may be found. However, it was based on insufficient evidence.

Dr. Myers took issue with those criticisms. He argued that the publicize troubling discoveries. In the essay in The Guardian in 1992, he inveighed against "the established approach,"

"This approach has been, is less appropriate in the face of severe environmental injury," t he continued. "If we wait until we know about the problem."

Credit …

In his book “The Sinking Ark” (1979), Dr. Insects and other invertebrates. ; Dr. Myers thought it was one per day.

Elizabeth Kolbert’s Pulitzer Prize-winning tThe Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History ”(2014).

'About the problem of environmental problems'. T ”Dr. Myers wrote in 1992. “When politicians decide to do nothing, still remain. To practice undue caution can be reckless. ”


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