North Carolina woman and Australian found dead on side of road in Canada


Canadian Authorities are trying to Solve What DG Turned INTO the international murder mystery – the Brutal Killing of the Australian American woman and the man.

British Columbia were found shot on the side of remote highway on Monday.

Grieving family. T

“What worries we are about,” he said. T

Deese, 24, from Charlotte, Lucas Robertson Fowler, a police inspector in the southern Australian state of New South Wales.

“They were deeply in love,” the woman'ss brother, British Deese, told The Observer.

“They met.

“He was working in Canada]. They were going to national parks in Canada. ” T

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The two were veteran travelers, adding to the mystery, the brother said. They had met at a hostel in Croatia in 2017, and since then traveled extensively throughout Europe, Central America and Asia.

Have been "brutal."

“They were bright souls,” another of Deese'ss brothers, Kennedy Deese, posted on Facebook earlier this week. “We are all still in shock and heartbroken.”

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police were t


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