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North Korea can’t be accessed via the internet, allegedly a total blackout occurs

PYONGYANG, KOMPAS.com – North Korea appeared to have been off the web for some time on Tuesday (25/1/2022), an NK News reporter first noticed.

Insiders have also found that some North Korean sites appear to be inactive.

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North Korean domain names ending in “.kp”, which include websites for North Korea’s state-run media outlets, appeared to have first become inaccessible around 6 a.m., according to a senior analytical correspondent’s report. NK News Colin Zwirko.

This internet outage came after a period of intermittent blackouts that began on January 14 and continued through the following weekend, with the internet outage lasting several hours.

During the blackout, server North Korea is unreachable, according to NK News, a news organization dedicated to keeping up with developments involving North Korea.

Connection failures indicate North Korea’s IT infrastructure was hit by a “distributed denial-of-service” (DDOS) attack, cybersecurity researcher Junade Ali told NK News earlier this month.

“North Korea is experiencing a complete internet blackout,” he said Business Insider on Wednesday (26/1/2022).

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Internet outages are not uncommon in North Korea, leading to state media sites and government websites offline due to a failed software update last year.

Internet outages can also be caused by domestic power outages or other local infrastructure issues. But the nature of the recent outage according to experts is unusual.

“If it was a power outage, I think the network would be lost soon because the router lost power,” Ali told NK News.

“There is a connection timeout issue, high data loss – then router disconnected,” he explained.

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“That would show me that some form of tissue stress is causing this to happen.”

Another study, Nicholas Roy, told the outlet that maybe “someone screwed up something really badly, like Facebook did a few weeks ago, or it could be some kind of attack.”

While there is some speculation that the blackout could be the result of actions taken by the US, China, or others against North Korea, experts are reluctant to blame anyone for the unknowns around them.

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