North Korea tests long-range missile – NEWS 360 – WORLD

Pyongyang: North Korea resumes missile tests after a break following Kovid. Neighboring countries are concerned about the test of long-range cruise missiles, which began after the failure of nuclear talks with the United States. The missiles reportedly traveled 1,500 km and reached their destination. The North Korean media released information including pictures of the experiment. The experiment took place on Saturday and Sunday. North Korea’s move is aimed at increasing military power to counter foreign forces.

North Korea’s efforts to develop long – range cruise missiles over the past two years have now paid off. North Korea has described the new missiles as a strategic weapon against the enemy. But more details about the new experiment have not been released. The missile tests are said to be in response to tough U.S. sanctions on North Korea. Earlier, North Korean dictator King Jong Un said he would do everything possible to boost the country’s nuclear capability following the failure of the nuclear talks.


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