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North Korea’s rich second-generation boat killed 30 women on a poisonous boat and was killed by wolfmen and abandoned their bodies in river | International News | Global

North Korea’s rich second-generation ship drove 30 women who were killed by wolfmen and abandoned their bodies in the river | International News | Global | NOWnews Today News

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▲In recent years, North Korea has continuously reported out-of-order crimes by the rich and out-of-order. The picture shows a scene in North Korea, which has nothing to do with the case. (Photo/Associated Press/Dazhi Video)

International Center Xu Xiaoqing/Comprehensive Report

2021-12-31 18:30:59

North Korea ended its rationing system in the 1990s. After North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un took office, he implemented reforms and opened up and introduced an economic system with the concept of capitalism. Although the economic situation of North Korea has become better than before, it has also caused social problems. Recently, the media revealed that the rich second generation who made money by managing foreign exchange often found beautiful women to go to the boat to party, the group also took drugs to cheer, and would kill disobedient women on the way, and abandon their bodies in the river.

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According to the Japanese edition of the “Maiai Chosun” report, in March 2021, a serial murder occurred in Teesan County, North Korea, North Korea. The murderer was the person in charge of a foreign exchange company. The parents of the person in charge were suspected of getting rich by farming shellfish. He is a rich second generation. The report pointed out that this rich second generation relied on the wealth of the family, and kept taking the beauties to the boat for partying, and during the process, they would also provide drugs to help. If there is a woman who is unwilling to be obedient on the way, she will be killed, and her body will be thrown into the river and discarded. According to our understanding, there are more than 30 victims. It wasn’t until these bodies flowed down the river that each body surfaced, that the atrocities were exposed and the rich second generation was also arrested.

▲▲North Korean leader Kim Jong-un expressed his gratitude to the young population for volunteering in coal mining and farming at the Youth Day celebration on the 28th. Information photos.  (Photo/Associated Press/Dazhi Video)
▲ After North Korean leader Kim Jong Un took office, he began to promote economic policies. Information photos. (Photo/Associated Press/Dazhi Video)

Prior to the 1980s, North Korea had an extremely low crime rate. Under the social distribution system, the people from the living environment to their daily lives were allocated by the government for free or cheap sales. However, after North Korea faced an unprecedented famine “March of Misery” in the 1990s, the people had to enter the market, and the former leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il, saw the deterioration of public security, and continued to execute public punishments and implement the rule of terror. Until Kim Jong-un later took over, he began to promote economic policies and reform and opening up. However, he was affected by the global new crown epidemic, typhoon Meiyu and floods, and the impact of nuclear weapons on international economic sanctions, resulting in economic hardship and increasing crimes. With the widening of the gap between the rich and the poor in North Korea, many affluent groups have committed more crimes with the acquiescence of the government, and their types are quite diverse. The report stated that there have been privileged groups in North Korea for a long time. However, due to the strict supervision of state power, criminal behaviors have been “moderated”. However, in recent years, the crimes of the wealthy class have become more and more out of order and curious, and some behaviors are also found in liberal countries. Quite rare.

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