Norwegian goalkeeper compensates with free kick shortly before the end


The 89th minute of play runs in the Norwegian second division match between Skeid Oslo and the Ullensaker / Kisa IL last Sunday. The host from the capital leads 1-0 and is about to make an important victory in the relegation battle, as Ullensaker / Kisa gets a free kick about 25 meters before the goal scored. Why is that interesting? The shooter is goalkeeper Stefan Hagerup. And he circles the ball to equalize in the left goal angle.

On a Twitter video of his club can be seen, as Hagerup ran out of his own half of the game, the ball no longer adjusted itself, but simply shot. From the bottom of the bar, the ball went unsustainable for the opposing keeper into the goal. After a short cheer with the teammates Hagerup ran back into his own half, as if it was the normal thing in the world. The sports channel Eurosport also accessed the video on Twitter:

Ullensaker / Kisa even scored the winning goal after Hagerup's goal and still has the chance to reach the promotion relegation as ninth three games left before the end of the season. Hagerup stayed cool after the game. There is no mumbo jumble behind the free-kick goal, he told the Norwegian "Aftenposten" newspaper. He just always liked to shoot the goal and practice a lot. "Today it worked," he said.

His coach was also not surprised. Finally, his goalkeeper in a pre-season game with a similar free-kick, Trond Fredriksen said the "Aftenposten". In fact, the newspaper had reported in February about the first free-kick goal Hagerups. From a similar field position can be seen on a video, as he almost the same ball synchronized with his goal on Sunday in the left corner.

Since then, Hagerup has been shooting free kicks regularly. Also earlier in the game against Skeid Oslo, he was allowed to compete once, but scored just by the gate. "It was the best option we had," said coach Fredriksen.

Hagerup is not the first goalkeeper to call attention internationally with free-kick goals. Former Paraguayan international goalkeeper José Luis Chilavert has made a regular free-kick throughout his career, scoring eight goals in 74 appearances. Also from the penalty spot Chilavert was accurate.


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