Norwegian skier Johannes Klebo reacted to suspension after race at the World Championships

Norwegian skier Johannes Klebo shared his feelings of being disqualified after the marathon at the World Championships in Oberstdorf.

“This seems to be the hardest day in my entire career. I felt great and controlled the race well. You can see what happened and judge for yourself. To be honest, today’s race is causing a lot of frustration and anger. I have been waiting for this race for a very long time, and this was my main goal this season. I never felt so ready and my ambitions were high. I knew I had a chance to win.

First the FIS declared me the winner and the situation was treated as an incident, then the federation changed its mind and disqualified me. As you can imagine, this was a big disappointment. I am very disappointed with how the FIS reacted to the situation and the final decision of the jury. Everything seems grim now, but I’ll be back. I just need time. Thank you for your support and for the pleasant messages from all of you, ”Klebo wrote on Instagram.

World championship

It is important that the protest of Russia was satisfied. But there is no joy


Klebo’s reaction to disqualification for a run-in with Bolshunov

  • At the finish line, Bolshunov, who was leading in the fight against Klebo, broke a stick, which is why he could not fight for first place.
  • After disqualification, the gold medal went to Emil Iversen, and Bolshunov got silver. Norway filed a retaliatory protest, but it was rejected.
  • Earlier, Bolshunov in Oberstdorf won gold in the skiathlon, silver in the relay and bronze in the team sprint.
It is important that the protest of Russia was satisfied. But there is still no joy
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World championship

Klebo disqualified for Bolshunov’s broken stick


World championship

“Let them do what they want.” Bolshunov refused to go to the awards



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