Norwegians want this now

The corona pandemic has led us to spend more time at home together, and it has had a clear impact on how we play in the bedroom.

According to Kondomeriet, it is clear that many people want to come up with something exciting and exciting together, and this definitely has an effect on sales figures.

– We have had an online turnover increase of 80% from March to October this year, compared to the same period last year. And the pressure does not seem to be giving up. On the contrary. We are heading for another record year! says Ingrid Bakker, acting press officer at Kondomeriet.

– Sex toys have become trendy

The condominium says that the demand for sex toys has been increasing every year for the past 31 years. According to them, it is reasonable to believe that there is at least one sex toy in all Norwegian homes.

– Norwegians have never bought more sex toys than they do now, and the acceptance of owning a sex toy is increasing. It has almost become trendy, says Bakker.

This is what women want

The condominium states that they definitely sell the most sex toys to women.

Womanizer, which is one of the company’s clear bestsellers, has a lot of the profits.

– In addition, 9 out of 10 women need to stimulate the clitoris to achieve orgasm, and therefore they probably also go to the purchase of a vibrating sex toy that can both help them have an orgasm, or to have better and more powerful orgasms, says Bakker.

Classic vibrators, clitoral vibrators, clitoral stimulators and rabbit vibrators are also on the bestseller list for women.

PLAY: The closure in connection with the corona pandemic has led to sales of all forms of entertainment and play at home having skyrocketed.

Significant increase in men

Although women buy the most, Kondomeriet is also experiencing a marked increase in the demand for sex toys for men.

– This is probably related to the enormous development that has taken place in recent years. There have been many new products for men, which are not similar to the classic sailor bride, but which focus on good effect, new ways to stimulate and not least design, says bakker.

Both Arcwave Ion and The Handy are two exciting technological innovations in the men’s market.

Fleshlight, masturbators, penis rings and masturbation sleeves also top the bestseller list.

Several open the back door

On the increased demand for sex toys, there is one new trend in particular that stands out.

– This year, more and more Norwegians have opened the back door, and we have seen a sharp increase in sales of anal sex toys such as anal plugs and prostate vibrators, says Bakker and emphasizes that this is a trend that does not seem to disappear immediately.

There are also more and more couples who include a sex toy in their bed. Couple vibrators, app-controlled sex toys and vibrating penis rings are popular here.

– There is no doubt that Norwegians take responsibility for their own sexuality and take the matter, or the sex toy, into their own hands, she says.

Here, sales increase the most

There are especially some counties that have had a particular increase in the purchase of sex toys.

In Vestfold and Telemark, the inhabitants have spent 30 percent more than the national average on sex toys, oils and erotic clothing, new figures from Klarna.

If you take a look at the largest municipalities, Drammen tops the list. Here, they have per capita spent as much as 20 percent more than the national average. Then follows Fredrikstad, 8 percent above average.

– It is quite obvious that the closure in connection with the corona pandemic has led to an increase in sales of all forms of entertainment and play at home. It is therefore not unnatural that sales of erotic articles several times during this period have topped our overviews of the categories with the highest growth, says marketing director Thomas Elvestad in Klarna.

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