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Not a Respiratory Disease, Covid-19 Turns Out to Attack Blood Vessels

JAKARTA – Since the beginning of the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus appeared in Wuhan, China, this virus has been called the cause of respiratory disease. But over time, this virus can also damage other organs besides the lungs. So researchers actually conclude that Covid-19 is a blood vessel disease, not a respiratory disease.

“Covid-19 is a blood vessel disease and not a respiratory disease,” the researchers said as quoted from diabetes.co.uk, Thursday (20/5).

A groundbreaking study has revealed more information about how Covid-19 attacks the vascular system. Previous research has identified a special spike protein that attaches to healthy cells. However, these experiments have found that protein also plays a key role in disease itself.

The researchers say their findings could pave the way for treatment. The study’s senior co-author, Assistant Research Professor at Uri Manor, said many people view Covid-19 as a respiratory disease, but it’s actually a disease of the blood vessels. That could explain why some Covid-19 patients have strokes, a heart, and why some people have problems in other parts of the body.

“What they have in common is that they all have a vascular or vascular base,” the researcher said.

For this study the research team looked at protein spikes causing damage to the lungs and arteries. These findings could also explain why blood clots are commonly associated with Covid-19.

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