Not accepting the mention of building military facilities in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries, the Chinese government goes on a rampage at the Pentagon, ‘America is the biggest threat to world peace’

Sosok.ID – Who’s do not know Pentagon?

Pentagon is the main office of the United States armed forces. Pentagon also is the headquarters of America.

Well, some time ago, Pentagon call strength military China managed to outperform military United States (US).

Not only that, Pentagon also discusses the large number of fleets military China.

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But instead of being satisfied with the report, China instead responding violently to the defense report Pentagon the.

In fact, Beijing calls the US the biggest threat to world peace.

China’s Ministry of Defense on Sunday (13/9/2020), condemned the Pentagon’s annual report on China’s military details.

In the report, the Pentagon said China had serious implications for US national interests and the security of the international order.

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Wu Qian called the report a “ fatal distortion of China’s main objective, the People’s Liberation Army, and China’s 1.4 billion people.

“Evidence over the years has shown that the US is at the center of regional unrest, a violator of the international order and a destroyer of world peace,” Qian told AP, quoted from Japan Times.

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