Not Petrov! Kozlovsky named actor of the decade

The rating of the actors of the decade was compiled by the Bulletin of the Film Distributor. The best artists of our country entered it, but the first place was one, and it went to Danila Kozlovsky.

What was taken into account when compiling the rating: the number of projects and main roles, participation in advertising campaigns, the level of media coverage (followers on Instagram, mentions in the media), as well as the attendance of the five most successful films. One cannot but agree that getting into the top ten of this rating is not an easy task.

However, Danila Kozlovsky coped with it perfectly and ended up right on top of it. And deservedly so: he has the most lead roles in 10 years and, as it turns out, has the highest engagement in ad campaigns.

Of great importance in the victory of Kozlovsky was also played by his role in the Hollywood project “Vampire Academy”, and, of course, awards: “Golden Eagle” for “Duhless” and “Nika” for “Duhless 2”. For a long time Danila has been filming mainly only in large projects. His track record includes such box-office hits as “Legend No. 17”, “Viking”, “Crew”, “Matilda”, “Trainer”, etc.


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