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Not the same impact, be sure to diet according to health conditions

Merdeka.com – There are many ways to diet in circulation and we can try to do. Unfortunately, the application of this diet may differ from one person to another depending on their health conditions.

Clinical Nutrition Specialist Dr. Cindiawaty Josito Pudjiadi, MARS, MS, Sp GK said that everyone has a different diet because the diet must be adapted to their respective health conditions.

“Diet means food arrangements. People often think that diet means that you have to eat a little, but it’s not necessarily. Everyone needs food arrangements and food arrangements to be adjusted to their respective health conditions,” said the doctor, who is familiar. Antara called Dr. Cindy, some time ago.

Dr. Cindy said that if the person has diabetes, then the diet is specifically for diabetes. Such a diet is known as a personalized diet.

“So everyone has a different type of diet, how many foods they eat are different. For example, there is a need for a high-protein diet, there is also a low-protein diet,” said Dr. Cindy.

Extreme diets such as eating only apples or potatoes and drinking water are not good for the body because the body needs complete nutrition to maintain its immune system.

“For example, a person who is on a diet loses three kilograms of weight in a week. They think the diet is a success, but is the diet right or not? Because sometimes the muscles and the water go down, but the fat goes up, ”says the doctor who now practices at Medistra Hospital.

Dr. Cindy said that such a diet does not make us healthy but makes us more susceptible to disease because our immune system is depleted.

“So we can’t neglect (diet). You can’t say ‘yes, I didn’t eat today’ or ‘yes, just eat today’. We still have a complete and balanced nutrient (diet) system our immune system is maintained, ”continued Dr. Cindy.

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Recognize Body Condition

According to dr. Cindy, recognizing each other’s body condition is very important before going on a diet, one of them is recognizing the body’s genetic condition.

“So they (patients) go on a diet based on the results of their genetic testing. Some people ‘why, they can diet so but I can’t?’ This is due to genetic differences, said Dr. Cindy.

Dr. Cindy said that based on the results of genetic testing, people can also recognize the risk of disease in their bodies. For example, people have to be careful with caffeine.

“Example coffee (caffeine). They say caffeine reduces the risk of heart disease. Well, 50 percent benefit from caffeine, but the other 50 percent get sick with caffeine. So the difference is in the body’s genetic condition, some of which risk, some are not (at risk), “said Dr. Cindy.

Dr. Cindy continues, if they consume more than two cups of coffee per day, the risk of diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure and high blood pressure will increase.

“It is not up to us to determine the risk of the disease. Want to be treated quickly so that it does not get worse or want to delay, it all depends on us,” said Dr. Cindy. [RWP]

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