Not Worried if Lesti Supported by Her Own Friend, Rizky Billar: If the Girl Wants to You, I’m Sincere

TRIBUNPAPUA.COM – Actor Rizky Billiards admitted not worried if Ready Kejora approached by his own friend.

Rizky Billar said, although he would fight for someone he loved, he did not want to force it.

He will leave the choice to the woman and let her go if her partner turns out to prefer another man.

Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora on the YouTube podcast Basuki Surodjo, Monday (14/9/2020). Rizky Billar opened his voice about the opinion of people that he did not give Lesti any assurance. (YouTube Basuki Surodjo)

Rizky Billar expressed this statement in a broadcast on the YouTube channel Basuki Surodjo, Monday (14/9/2020).

At first, Rizky Billiards and Lesti, who was a guest star, was asked to answer questions from netizens.

Just then, a question arose which was directed at Rizky Billiards.

The owner of the event, Basuki Surodjo, then read and asked Rizky Billiards according to the netizen’s comments.

He mentioned Rizky Billar’s reaction if Lesti was later cornered by his own friend.

Tiara Blasphemed for Showing Her Own Photo, Rizky Billar Annoyed: We Are Friends Before Knowing Lesti

Known, Rizky Billiards and Lesti admitted that they did not have an affair between them.

Even so, both of them often show off intimacy and show closeness to each other’s family.

This angered his supporters and hoped they would announce his official status soon.

Even though the two of them had only known each other for about a month, so they did not understand each other’s characteristics.

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