Notify 'notice channels' for updated staff broadcasting


Back animals can now designate one channel for use in advertisements only, a move aimed at minimizing distractions and ensuring that important information is communicated to workers.

While it is already possible to limit posting in a # default channel in Slack workspaces, the exposure change today allows admins on Slack, paid by Plus and Enterprise Grid, to restrict other ways too. So, for example, # six notifications or # emea notification channels only information can be broadcast.

The goal is to prevent employees from posting messages in channels designed for advertisements (such as IT-related applications in an IT advertising channel), which may cause other operators to channel the channel. turned and ignored it completely.

It will still be possible to respond to messages using threaded responses in notification channels.

“The advertised channels are a highly sought-after feature of customers, particularly by the increase in the number of organizations that Slack is taking to a wall,” said Ilan Frank, head of the enterprise product at Slack.

“We took the element to ensure that communications are seen, creating a reliable source of truth within organizations and allowing users to share feedback on notifications immediately through emoji reactions or threads,” said Frank.

“Based on customer feedback, we feel that IT fans and corporate communications teams will be happy.”

Larry Cannell, research director at Gartner, said that while “a lively feature”, the movement of admins taking care of busy workplaces will be warmly welcomed. “If Slack is to replace e-mail, then this type of ability is needed,” he said.

In addition, Slack will introduce APIs to automate some of the time consuming tasks and repetition and have on admins making them manage large-scale deployment. The APIs, for example, will allow admins to create workspaces and assign members, as well as inviting thousands of admissions in specific ways at a time. These “events” can be automatically triggered by information collected through web forms, Slack, such as a user who submitted an application to create a new workspace.

It will soon be possible to approve approvals and refusals app throughout the deployment of Enterprise Grid. So an organization that relies on Box, for example, with its primary document storage platform can eliminate the app and eliminate the need for manual approvals each time a new work space is created. It will also be possible to create rules for the authorization of certain apps, allowing operators to use applications that only use data, or to prohibit all applications for certain types of apps.

“Management supply and use cases are the most obvious cases for leveraging these administrative APIs,” said Cannell. “For example, the APIs could be used by a third party tool to help manage the installation of slats alongside other IT infrastructure. Alternatively, it could be as simple as Slack's administrator creating a procurement script to facilitate their own efforts. I look forward to seeing admins these types of scripts are also shared publicly. ”

Enterprise Grid Launched in 2017, Slack's largest customers, with additional features to support large-scale deployment. The 150 organizations now using Enterprise Grid include Capital One, IBM and Target.

The latest features added to new security capabilities for the Enterprise Grid which Slack announced earlier this month. helping to manage slack on mobile devices.

The notification channels are now available to Plus customers and Enterprise Grid customers.

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