Notre-Dame: the donations paid for the moment amount to 71 million euros


From word to deed, there is still a step to be taken regarding donations for Notre-Dame de Paris. This is revealed in an article in Parisian. The amount of donations collected and collected by the four bodies chosen by the State will finally reach only 71 million euros for the moment: a total far removed from the amounts promised. How to explain this delay when the reconstruction work of the cathedral has barely begun?

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" Even if pledges are now 850 million euros, it is far too early to conclude that we have enough money, or too much money, to restore Our Lady, "said this week Franck Riester. The Minister of Culture has prepared the ground. According to him, there will inevitably be a "difference" between the pledges and the actual payment. What leave a little more doubt about the future actual amount of donations.

Several pending payments in the four agencies

The Heritage Foundation has received 48 million euros, the Notre-Dame Foundation with 13.5 hope, the Fondation de France 6 million euros and finally the Center des monuments nationaux 3.4 million euros. An amount far from the billion euros announced. The organizations would still be waiting for the payment of pledges.

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The Heritage Foundation made the decision on Tuesday to stop its appeal for donations. At the same time, it has opened a new collection intended for the 2,800 sites threatened in France. An operation called Never again! The organization wants to avoid a new accident. This initiative has been widely criticized, notably by Franck Riester and the diocese of Paris. As for the great fortunes that promised important gifts, Christophe Rousselot, General Delegate of the Notre-Dame Foundation, assures the Parisian that the "payments will be made as the project progresses". The promises of the communities are also slow to show the tip of their nose.


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