Novotný about cheering: Slavia bothers me because of bragging, I hate Bohemka

“As a child, I got on Sparta and then I joined her. I’ve been a fan of her ever since and no one can touch me, “the 52-year-old actor revealed in an interview with Deník.

David, tell me: how do you experience Sparta matches? Do you wear a football jersey?
I’d like to get a scarf. But not always. It can be seen on me, after all, I am a better-known person, so I prefer to experience it internally.

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I know that in Letná you usually sit under the roof on the press footbridge. Why?
It is easy. There is a better view, it’s clear there. I remember that feeling when I was there for the first time. I thought, “I’ll only be here from now on.” I called it the eagle’s nest. In addition, injured players or Tomáš Rosický also go there.

What match will you not forget?
It was the Champions League with Marseille. I don’t remember the year now, but I remember we celebrated the process, it was 2: 1 and the hero was Horst Siegl. I still went out with friends, among people. (author’s note: it was 1991, the team then played the final group and beat Barcelona)

What about your relationship with other clubs? Take it from the one you hate…
Most Bohemian. Then Slavia, even though she didn’t bother me for quite some time. But now it’s her bragging. That is, mainly some fans on social networks. Then there is Pilsen, that is fragrant misery.

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And what about Baník?
I always respected him.

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