Now Jessi Uribe “inspires” haircut

We won’t get tired of saying 2020, you’re crazy and what’s happening to us because right now Jessi Uribe inspires haircuts.

By a fan, Jessi Uribe, broke the nets with the photograph of a hairdresser, showing an “artistic” cut by machine where the singer’s face was made at the request of the client. As could be seen, the photo was Uribe himself, who praised the protagonists and reacted to what was done by the barber and the client whose face we do not see but must be happy to show off his favorite artist even in the head.

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As everything in Colombia is a fashion, it is not at all strange that in the next few days the “Jessi cut” will become a trend in the country’s barbershops with the phrase “repeat it” or someone sets up a place and baptizes it “Jessi Stilo’s Barber ”. There are many who celebrate that fortunately it was not a tattoo.

Jessi Uribe shares “cut inspired by her face” Photo Social Networks


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