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Now that Elliot Page has changed gender: how does that appear in ‘The Umbrella Academy’? † showbiz

televisionElliot Page will share with the world by the end of 2020 that he is transgender. The actor recently played a female character during two seasons of the Netflix series ‘The Umbrella Academy’. The third season appeared this week and Page can be seen again. But how do musicians deal with the actor’s transition?

NB! This article contains spoilers on the progress of ‘The Umbrella Academy’.

After Page announced that he would now live as a man, Netflix immediately announced Page’s name to credit ‘The Umbrella Academy’. to adjust. Since then, the hit series creators have also faced a new challenge, because they have worked with an actor who has made transitions on the series ’history. Elliot Page is also the first regular cast member of an American television show that changes gender in the middle of the series.

Due to the supernatural powers of the series, there were a lot of options open to the creators of the new season for the new season. Umbrella Academy to make Page change gender. Despite this, they chose a simpler way to change the character’s identity. In the second episode of this season it becomes clear how the series approaches it.

Watch the Netflix series trailer here.


At the beginning of the third season, Page is still describing sisgender woman Vanya, as her character was known in the first two seasons. It wasn’t until the second episode that he was reintroduced as Viktor. When Allison, her adoptive sister, calls Viktor a “good sister,” she seems to struggle with that label. At another moment, Viktor looked eager to see a male haircut poster on a barber’s window.

Then the character goes to the barber for a short haircut and introduces himself to his environment as Viktor. Then, when asked who Viktor was, he replied, “It’s me. It’s always been me. Is that a problem for anyone?” Her friends and family are happy for her and she is showering and complimenting on her new haircut.

That’s more or less how the rest of the season treats the subject. The only other conversation about her transition is later with Allison, who feels guilty because she doesn’t realize before that Viktor didn’t feel himself in her body. Viktor then wonders why he feels so guilty, because he never really understood who he was himself. She looked at her reflection in a window and admitted that she hated seeing herself in the mirror. Allison asks what she sees now, and Viktor gives himself a small smile before saying, “I. I’m the only one. “

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