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NPO employees want permanent contracts

A group of employees from various public broadcasters has sent an open letter to NPO chairman Shula Rijxman, calling on them to issue more permanent contracts.

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In the open letter, the employees write that they sometimes work for a broadcaster for more than ten years without a permanent contract, which is always refused with a different argument. According to them, it happens regularly that they work for four year contracts to be hired again with a temporary contract after a half-year break.

Due to the lack of security, employees have difficulty taking out a mortgage and it is not uncommon for family extensions to be postponed. “We are fed up, and not just about that.”

According to the union FNV, public broadcasters employ approximately 1,300 people on a temporary contract, which does not include self-employed workers. The letter was written on behalf of employees of NTR, VPRO, KRO-NCRV, EO and BNNVARA, among others.


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