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The global technology service provider NTT is partnering with Red Bull Basement to enable targeted innovations for the next generation of entrepreneurs. […]

Nora Lawender, CEO of NTT Austria, invites all students from Austria to take part in the innovation competition (c) NTT Austria

In Austria and 35 other countries, students are now called upon to develop ideas that have the potential to change society for the better. The application phase for international competition runs from now until October 25, 2020. The best ideas will be awarded and the winners will be invited to a global workshop in December. Red Bull Basement was launched in 2015 in São Paulo, Brazil. The initiative aims to encourage students to meet the social and environmental challenges in their cities with new innovative ideas. Since then, the program has continued to develop and the innovative ideas of the participants now cover a wide range of topics. The focus is always on the idea of ​​changing one’s environment for the better, especially with the use of technology, and creating added value for society.

For example, in the previous year it could Austrian start-up Audvice around the Salzburg-born Sophie Bolzer convince the international jury with her idea at the Global Workshop in Toronto and win the competition – with the first audio training tool that combines the best of Spotify and voice recording to keep knowledge in the company and disseminate it via audio .

Turbo for Audvice last year

“Since then, a lot has happened here and we are running at full speed. We owe that primarily to the attention and response we received from Red Bull Basement. We had the opportunity to talk to managers and experts and get feedback that we would otherwise never have had access to. Before the competition we thought of Austria, Germany, maybe a bit of Europe. In the meantime we only think globally and scalably, ”says Bolzer today and advises all students to take this opportunity and take part in the competition.

With Red Bull Basement, students have the opportunity to think differently or think further. “For young people, such initiatives bring enormous development opportunities and often release a great deal of innovative strength. Also our own programs like ‘InnerSourcing‘ and ‘Co-Innovation‘repeatedly show the great potential of young people interested in technology. These are exactly the talents we need to make a difference in the world, and that is why we support Red Bull Basement with the utmost conviction, ”says Nora Lawender, CEO NTT in Austria.

At this year’s third competition, NTT’s Cloud Communications Division will be holding virtual live workshops to network teams of students in Austria and 35 other host countries and to fully exploit their creative potential. NTT accompanies and supports the participants as a mentor throughout the entire competition. At the final global workshop, NTT and a top-class jury will evaluate the entries and announce the winning team.

Through the virtualization of the event and the overcoming of location-specific and physical boundaries, both partners hope for even more exchange and greater diversity in thinking. Together with Red Bull Basement, NTT uses the power of technology and people to make a difference. The cooperation between Red Bull Basement and NTT takes place in the following phases:

Application phase: NTT hosts virtual launchpad events that leverage its Smart Workplace technology solutions as teams innovate on a variety of topics inspired by the United Nations’ 17 Global Goals .

Voting and selection phase: In addition to the shortlisted teams, NTT will select a wildcard team that demonstrates its commitment to innovative thinking and take it with them to the Global Workshop.

Phase of development: As part of the investment, NTT’s venture capital arm and 25 experts from across the company will host mentoring sessions and co-creation workshops and equip the teams with the tools and technology they need to be successful.

Global workshop: In the final phase of the competition, NTT experts will act as panelists who will evaluate the final pitches and select the winning team.

All information about the Red Bull Basement competition and how to participate is available online here.


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